Are you still using a Galaxy S9 in 2020?

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9 (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

When talking about smartphones here on AC, we tend to keep the discussion around devices that have recently launched and ones that are coming up on the horizon. These tend to be the most exciting/interesting gadgets to talk about, as they have new features, specs, etc.

For most people, however, they aren't buying a new phone every few months or every year. Instead, they'll buy a phone and hold onto it for two years or more.

One of our AC forum members recently asked if they should finally upgrade their aging Galaxy S9, with the conversation playing out as follows.

I have an S9+, where the charging wire wouldn't stay in properly and the speaker is really low on calls. Since then I've tried cleaning out the lint and dust, the wire is still loose but not as bad as it was. However, most of the times on calls I can't hear much. Cause of this I was thinking of getting a new phone unless it can be fixed. Does it make sense to get an S10+ or Note 10+? Or...


S10+ would be a excellent upgrade , if you could swing it .


I concur. The S10+ is an awesome phone. Really love mine.

Kizzy Catwoman

Have you ever owned a Note device? There are a lot of extras that come with the Note, most famously the S-Pen. Personally I looked at the Note vs the S line and really didn't see where the S-Pen would play much of a role in my day to day. Sure it would be great to use a camera trigger and yeah writing instead of typing might come in handy once in awhile but for me the bonus features of the...


With that said, this thread got us to wondering — Are you still using a Galaxy S9 in 2020?

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