Are you sticking with the Pixel 3's default launcher?

If you picked up a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL, you've likely been getting familiar with the launcher that comes pre-installed on it out of the box. Just like the Pixel and Pixel 2 series before them, this year's phones ship with the latest version of Google's Pixel Launcher.

The Pixel Launcher is one of the smoothest launchers around and offers easy access to the Google Discover page, a persistent Search bar at the bottom, and the super helpful At A Glance widget. For all the things the Pixel Launcher gets right, however, it's definitely not the best choice for people that want access to the most customization options possible.

When asked if they were sticking with the Pixel Launcher on the Pixel 3, this is how the AC forum community responded:

i am. Used to only use Nova, but since the Pixel Launcher changed all icons to the same now. They are all uniformed. i am sticking with Pixel Launcher for now.


Nova Prime for me as well. Can't give up all that customization.


I like the stock launcher. I actually use the search bar a lot. I would like the option to move it though. The stock launcher is fast for me so no complaints here. I do like Nova though but I plan on sticking with stock for now.


I switch between Nova and action launcher. Both are awesome in slightly different ways.


What about you? Are you using the Pixel 3's default launcher?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Nova Prime all the way.
    I hate the unremovable search bar.
  • no, my choice is lawnchair alpha
  • Nova or die
  • Nova or no phone
  • I wish the search bar would open results in chrome instead of it's own app.
  • Tried the Pixel launcher for about an hour before going back to Action Launcher. It's a shame though that with 3rd party launchers the back button is static on the home screen. At that point just give me the 3 button layout. Side note: I'm not impressed with the gestures...they're fine and I've already gotten used to it but I wish we had the option to use the old navigation.
  • Because of the non-removable search bar, I switched over to Nova Prime. I was using Nova Prime on my Oneplus 5, so the move was easy.
  • I’ll never be able to use the Pixel launcher until they add double tap to sleep. I mean, I can tap on it twice to wake it up, but not put it back to sleep? Stupid.
  • Nah. Anything Google designs is just atrocious.
  • If that's your opinion I doubt you would have bought a Pixel...
  • I have a 2 XL and I use Action launcher. I love the customization it offers and it runs great on my Pixel.
  • Pixel 3 launcher for sure. My favorite part is quick-swiping to the right on the home button to get to the most recent app from the home screen, or to flip between the two most recent apps. Saves me half a second or two each time
  • I don't find it to be any faster than the old double tap on the recents button.
  • I tried to bring over my Nova Launcher setting and had a few issues. I decided to give the stock launcher a chance!
  • Yup. I'm keeping it stock.
  • Right back to Nova.. I just have it s3tup the way I want....Pixel 3
  • Microsoft Launcher for me!
  • Nova is my choice, not that I don't like the Pixel launcher, Nova has so many more tweaks.
  • I like Microsofts Launcher. It runs really smooth and has lots of features.