Are you more interested in the Mate X in light of the Galaxy Fold delay?

It's been a rough few days for the Galaxy Fold. After initial reports came out showcasing how fragile the tablet display is to breakage, Samsung officially delayed the phone's launch until some point in May at the earliest.

This certainly doesn't bode well for a smartphone that costs nearly $2000, and with these events in mind, it has some of our AC forum members wondering if it's now worth taking another looking at the Huawei Mate X.

Definitely not. We already guessed this screen tech is fragile. Having it on the outside seems like a terrible idea. Also it's way more expensive, and doesn't have video calling/selfie cam in the tablet mode. If it was the same price then I'd consider it if they had some clever case design that gave it more protection and let it flip open easily.


Not for 2700.


Huawei can at least learn a few things that went wrong with Samsung's launch and make adjustments. But yeah, nearly 3,000 dollars after taxes? Good luck with that.


The Fold design appears to be better from a screen longevity perspective in that folding in subjects the screen to less damage from scratches. The "crease" would seem less likely to become wider or more pronounced. It would seem that folding out would not only be susceptible to damage especially if dropped but depending upon the screen material could create a more pronounced crease the width...


What about you? Are you more interested in the Mate X in light of the Galaxy Fold's delay?

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