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Are you keeping the Galaxy S10's pre-installed screen protector on?

Samsung Galaxy S10+
Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Image credit: Android Central)

If you bought a Galaxy S10, you may have noticed it has something that a lot of other phones don't — a pre-installed screen protector.

Samsung decided to do this as the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the S10 and S10+ doesn't play nicely with all kinds of third-party protectors, and for people that were already planning on using one on the phone anyways, it's a nice touch.

Taking a peek at the AC forums, it looks like people are torn as to whether or not they'll keep it on.

I personally was shocked when I learned that Samsung was reinstalling screen protectors on the S10 series, but that's good for the customer since the price of the phones went up so high it's always nice to see the customer getting a bonus That being said, any of you find the screen protector being in the way a bit? like I've cleaned out the front camera cut out at least twice in the 3 days...


Mine is on for now. But its scratching like crazy so I'm going to invest in the Whitestone soon.


I'll leave mine on until a good tempered glass is out that isn't Whitestone and doesn't cost $50.


Didn't even realized it was an actual screen protector when I got it. Thought it was just a plastic. It was off minutes after I got the phone set up. Never really use screen protectors. Honestly not sure why I should need if the glass is as strong as they say. Haven't had much issues to date. I do use a case tho.


What about you? Are you keeping the Galaxy S10's pre-installed screen protector on?

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  • I will keep it, yes. I use wallet cases on my s10+. With or without it doesn't matter. Plus going naked is my preferred method, I enjoy using wallet cases for maximum protection in case of a drop!
  • Mine is still on at the moment. It will be off tomorrow evening when I install the whitestone dome screen protector that I have on the way to me.
  • Given the new swipe gestures of Android Pie, I took mine off. I don't like the feeling of hitting the edge of the protector. I like the smooth edge as I swipe my finger over the phone. I have never had a screen protector on any of my phones and have never had one scratch. I do tend to treat my electronics with respect and don't put other stuff in my pocket. I make sure all of my kids have screen protectors on their phones though. They crack their screens like these phones cost $50. It is really sad that a device that costs as much as a laptop seems to have such a short life these days.
  • Is there an oleophobic coating on the actual glass when you remove the factory screen protector like on all phones that don't come with one?
  • Yes there is. Not sure if the protector has a coating though.
  • Just noticed a small bubble forming on mine. Maybe I'll start looking for a better one.
  • Nope gone already
  • I like it
    will keep it on until a cheaper option is available
    I'm not paying $50 for a small piece of 25 cent glass
  • I recently started going without one since I'm pretty easy on my phones. I don't really notice it but when I do it will be pulled off. I just keep going back to the past when I did wet installs in a steamy bathroom attempting to get the dust out of the air. I appreciate Samsungs efforts here.
  • Keeping it on until it scratches, then I've got a couple of other options standing by.
  • Keeping it on till its no good, then whitestone is on deck
  • I used it till I installed the Whitestone Dome glass. However, even though the installation went smooth as butter and looked amazing, the fingerprint scanner never worked. Now I don't use any protector. I didn't need one on my S7E for 3 years, I should be fine.
  • Mine has a scratch right in the middle of the phone so I might replace it. The phone looks WAY too pretty to have a scuff on it.
  • I didn't realise I had one on at first, but I soon took it off when I was having difficulty signing in with my fingerprints. Now signing in is a breeze, but I'm using facial recognition as a backup! 🙂
  • Took mine off. Could not see the screen with polarized sunglasses on. Without the protector, can easily see while driving.