Are you interested in a foldable smartphone?

For years, the mobile industry has been filled with rumors at one point or another about foldable smartphones. This is one of those talking points that continues to rear its head every now and then, but 2018 could be the year that this tech finally comes to light.

ZTE released the first "foldable" smartphone we've seen in a while with the Axon M last year, but it featured two separate displays that were connected by a hinge mechanism. However, Samsung may be ready to show off the long-rumored Galaxy X this year – a smartphone with a single display that can fold up into a smaller form factor.

There have been reports of ZTE and LG also interested in doing something along these lines, and with all this news about folding smartphones going around, our forum users decided to share their take on this whole thing.

I'm not interested in folding phones as such, but a bit more flexibility would be sweet. These delicate glass devices are a bit too much. Might consider the S9 Active this year, I'm tired of having to be so careful with my phone. And I don't much like the edge screen either... But certainly, the technology is amazing


I'm not very interested in a foldable phone for myself; however, I am very interested in seeing how they "will come about" and it'll be cool to test them out in the store. As far as what we'd probably see in the foldable phone, I think it will be hinge-less - with state of the art tech. It's Samsung, after all - I'm sure they'll pull out all the stops for this phone! :)


The only way I'd be interested in a foldable phone is if it was hinge-less, not delicate, and have all the current specs for 2018 (SD 845, etc).


I'm not interested. The design would be too cumbersome to carry around and use, plus moving parts add an additional potential failure point.

Laura Knotek

What about you? Do you have any interest in a foldable smartphone?

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