Are you glad that the T-Mobile and Sprint merger was approved?

Sprint and T-Mobile merger announcement
Sprint and T-Mobile merger announcement (Image credit: T-Mobile)

Earlier this week, we witnessed what will likely be one of the biggest events of the year for the mobile technology space. On February 11, the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint was officially approved.

This marks a big shift for U.S. wireless providers, as we'll essentially be moving from the Big Four to the Big Three in regards to the major carrier options.

Taking a look through the AC forums, here's what some of our members have to say about the completed deal.

So the acquisition of Sprint has been approved. I'm happy about the decision in hopes that service is improved. Just interested in some of your opinions on the merger and what your looking forward to as far as changes or hoping for?

Ms Charli

Although there is something to be said about having more choices, the problem is that Verizon and AT&T have been the two largest Godzillas in the industry, and therefore have too much control. T-Mobile has made inroads, but has still been too small to really put up a fight, and Sprint has been an afterthought for a while. So I think the combined clout of T-Mobile and Sprint (especially when it...

B. Diddy

It will be interesting for sure. Better to have 3 more or less equal competitors than 2 strong competitors and 2 weak sisters. But I wonder if the new TMo will eventually dial back some of their innovative practices, especially with Legere leaving. They were a leaner company before the merger, plus they needed to do things differently to become relevant. Now...who knows. Most likely will depend...


What about you? Are you glad that the T-Mobile and Sprint merger was approved?

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  • Yes. And I'll be even happier when I don't need to wait for a phone to be whitelisted before I buy it. Service has always been great in my area.
  • Time will tell. If the things they said and did to get the deal approved turn out to be lies or if there is no nationwide 5g home internet (The nationwide 5G they claim now is BS so that doesn't count)...etc Then I will not be happy. If what they said was all true and actually happens then I am happy. If I was a betting man I would say it will end up similar to the ATT/Time Warner deal and people aren't going to be thrilled or benefit from it and they will end up not doing half of what they said they would do. Prices will go up and choice will go down. I hope that doesn't happen but that is what I think will happen. The current CEO is leaving soon as well so he won't even have to deal with any of the fallout while the company blames him and looks for a new CEO that will set their course straight (which won't happen). Yeah, I am being a little pessimistic but it is what I think will happen.
  • yes, ability to combine capital plans to compete with AT&T and Verizon, which is good for everyone.
  • IF they follow through on the promises, they will be a powerhouse to give Verizon and AT&T real competition. Until this merger, they were really borderline unstopable as the big players. Hopefully, the new T-Mobile will be able to compete in areas that have holes in service.
  • In Arizona, Tmobile provides better service than AT&T but Verizon is the king as far as coverage and consistent data speeds are concerned. I seriously hope, that after the merger, Tmobile can give Verizon and run for their money.
  • I'm all for it especially if it means more choice of phones like the LG V50(a phone I was interested in) landing on T-Mobile shelves rather than being an exclusive. Just don't mess with the great pricing we've grown to love and appreciate.
  • Just read the comments. Interesting that there's zero mention of concern about reduced competition. I totally agree and never understood this fear. If it's as simple as the number of competitors, then perhaps the feds should consider breaking up the two behemoths that are Big Red and AT&T. And if this merger were denied, it'd be the "Big Two" and the afterthought that is T-Mobile, because Sprint without T-Mobile would be gone in the not-too-distant future.
  • I have Verizon but if this forces VZW to lower their prices, I'm all for it.