When we think about augmented reality, we tend to get off the rails and picture something like holograms and Death Star missile turrets. But the truth is that AR has some really practical uses, too. This short clip of an app from the Gap on the ASUS ZenFone AR shows that AR has very practical real-world applications.

Super cool augmented reality demo from @gap, @asus, and @google. Uses an app from Gap and AR via Tango.

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Using Google's Tango technology built into the ZenFone AR, the Gap has built an app that can measure your body and display clothing on a 3D mannequin so you can tell how it will look while you're wearing it. There are no dinosaurs or laser beams or Alien vs. Predator (or Pokémon, for that matter) battles of any kind. Just a copy of your body type wearing the clothes you're thinking about buying.

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