YouTube Shorts are showing up on more devices with a new feature to boot

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What you need to know

  • YouTube Short creators are picking up the ability to include video clips from billions of YouTube videos.
  • Users will be able to clip 1 to 5-second sections of an eligible long-form video for their Short.
  • Access to YouTube Shorts is also expanding to the web and tablets.

YouTube Shorts brought short-form videos to fans of traditional YouTube videos in March 2021 and continues to launch new features such as the ability to splice short audio clips from other videos on the platform. Today, YouTube Shorts are gaining a similar feature to use small sections of videos too.

Per a community post on Thursday, Creators can now splice clips up to 5 seconds long into their Shorts from billions of eligible videos on YouTube. Clipped content from another user's video or Short will be attributed back to the original creator similarly as it is for audio.

To create a "remix" from a YouTube video, tap the "Create" button under the video and select "Cut." To create one from a Short, you'll find the "Cut" option in the three-dot menu.

YouTube Shorts cut video

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YouTube is the largest video content repository on the internet and is mainly known for long-form videos. But with the rise of TikTok, shorter videos have become very popular, with Instagram launching Reels and YouTube with Shorts. As the company continues to build new features to its short-form video platform, it is beginning to utilize its biggest strength — the massive catalog of videos already on the site. 

In addition to picking up this new feature, YouTube Shorts will show up in more places. Previously, the short-form videos were only available on all of the best Android phones, but they will be accessible on the web and tablets over the next few weeks.

Sampling content from other creators' YouTube videos will begin rolling out to iOS users first over the coming weeks. Unfortunately, the new feature won't reach Android users' devices until later in the year.

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