YouTube TV rolls out a basic version of Multiview on mobile

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What you need to know

  • YouTube confirms that it has started rolling out multiview on iOS devices, leaving Android users waiting for the "coming months."
  • The YouTube TV app's version of multiview is quite basic, only providing a set of pre-determined options instead of letting users customize it.
  • YouTube TV picked up "Custom Multiviews" on TVs in February, just in time for March Madness as it supports NCAA basketball games and the NBA League Pass.

Users have started noticing multiview appear on YouTube TV's iOS app, leaving Android users twiddling their thumbs.

As spotted by 9to5Google, YouTube has confirmed on Reddit that multiview is rolling out now (Mar. 20) via version 8.11 of its TV app. Thus far, the feature has only been spotted on Apple's iPhone and iPad. It appears that multiview is accessed via the "Home" tab and only works with a few "select" games.

A user on Reddit stated that multiview's rollout on mobile comes without its custom builder. Those who've received the update can only choose between a few pre-determined four-game selections. Another post on Reddit showcased what multiview looks like on an iPhone, giving users a clear look at what to expect when it comes to Android.

Curiously, a user commented stating they've received a pop-up in the YouTube TV app on Android detailing mulitview's arrival. Further digging showed it's not there, and we likely shouldn't expect it for a while.

A member of the YouTube TV team stated "we'll be launching multiview on Android in the coming months."

A snapshot showing YouTube TV's multiview looks on mobile (iPhone).

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YouTube TV's "build a multiview" was first spotted in a limited fashion at the end of January for smart TVs. The feature has since officially rolled out, just in time for March Madness. Users will find initial support for the NBA League Pass and NCAA basketball games. However, the feature is still quite limited, as users can only choose games belonging to a singular genre.

If you're watching the NBA, you'll only find NBA games to customize your multiview. It's disappointing that multiview's arrival on mobile lacks this customization, but there's always a chance it will arrive in the future.

Other YouTube TV news involves the app picking up a "last channel" shortcut for easier channel switching. To utilize the new switcher, users will need to long-press the "select" or "OK" buttons on their remote. The app's shortcut is said to work with Live TV, videos on demand, and DVR content.

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