WhatsApp is crashing repeatedly if users interact with a seemingly simple link

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What you need to know

  • WhatsApp is repeatedly crashing for users if they have been sent "wa.me/settings" in a message on Android.
  • The crashes only occur within the chat the message was sent in and is seemingly affecting users with version of WhatsApp.
  • The only known workaround is to access WhatsApp on a computer to delete the message and then return to your phone.

WhatsApp is a messaging app used by millions every day and a seemingly innocent-looking link is cashing it to crash repeatedly for users. Pandya Mayur picked up on the problem on Twitter and quickly posted what manifests the repetitive crashes (via Android Authority). According to their tweet, sending "wa.me/settings" to someone on WhatsApp will lock their app in a repetitive storm of crashes.

Curiously, this issue seems to only affect those using the messaging app on an Android device. Through some testing, Android Authority discovered the issue plagues users utilizing consumer and business versions of WhatsApp. Additionally, it is also affecting version of the messaging program.

The good news here is that the crashes only occur whenever you try and access the chat the link was sent to.

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If someone has (for whatever reason) sent you this message on WhatsApp, the only known workaround is to access your account on a computer. The message's appearance does not crash a computer or its desktop application and will be sufficient enough for you to delete the message and return to texting on your phone.

There have been some mixed responses about this bug, as well. One user on Twitter, running version of WhatsApp, states the issue isn't a problem.

The normal-looking link in question is supposed to redirect users to their settings page for the application. However, as we've come to learn, that's not exactly working as intended, bringing a little too much strife in users' digital lives.

While we wait around for Meta to patch this problem (hopefully it's quick), WhatsApp is reportedly working on a long-overdue feature for users. It was found in the latest beta version of the app that WhatsApp will soon allow users to create their own usernames. This would allow you to search for another person by their username instead of having to know their phone number.

This is a feature already present on other apps such as Telegram and Messenger. With the aforementioned feature still deep in development, WhatsApp has already rolled out several new features earlier this year which introduce status updates. Users can interact with the Private Audience Selector, Voice Status, Status Reactions, and more.

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