WhatsApp is apparently making it easier to handle your top contacts

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What you need to know

  • Users might soon be able to select, arrange, and remove their favorite contacts within WhatsApp.
  • The feature aims to simplify staying in touch by enabling users to create a list of favorite chats, reducing the need for scrolling through lengthy contact lists.
  • Adding contacts as favorites won't trigger notifications to the selected individuals.

WhatsApp might be working on a new feature to let you pick your favorite contacts, rearrange them however you like, and even remove some if they're not your favorites anymore.

As spotted by WABetaInfo, the new experimental WhatsApp feature could make staying in touch with your favorites a breeze. It will presumably allow you to create a list of your favorite chats, so you can easily find them and chat away without any scrolling.

The main goal with favorite contacts is to make calling, whether it's voice or video, super convenient. With a "Favorites" section in your WhatsApp settings, you can make a personalized list of contacts for speedy calls. This removes the need for endless scrolling through your contacts, which can be a headache, especially if you've got a ton of them.

You might spot this option tucked under the existing Account settings in the app. And when you add someone as a favorite, WhatsApp won't send them a notification about the switcheroo, as per the report.

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There's no clue as to when this feature will drop since it's still under development and not up for grabs, even by beta testers. Right now, we're in the dark about how many favorites you can pile on.

It's always a win when your favorite messaging apps add features that make chatting smoother. Not too far back, WhatsApp was tinkering with a "Favorites" feature for the web version, letting users keep their most crucial chats separate from the main list.

While the favorites feature could start with calls, it also opens a whole world of possibilities. One interesting possibility is being able to share statuses just with your favorites, giving you a more tailored way to communicate.

Plus, these favorite connections could stand out in your chat list, maybe with a special section. That way, you could fire off a message to your favorites in a flash.

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