New Waze hub makes it easy to customize your driving experience

The new "Customize your drive" experience on the Waze app.
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What you need to know

  • Waze introduces a new "Customize Your Drive" experience, accessible from the left menu.
  • This lets users easily change their app theme and choose from a number of personalities for navigation voices.
  • Waze is also introducing a new Zodiac experience that matches the driver's zodiac sign with cute icons and related quips.

Waze is one of the most popular navigation apps, not only because of its great features and navigation capabilities but also because of its fun themes and personalities that users can apply to the app to make the driving experience less monotonous. Now, Waze is introducing a new "Customize Your Drive" hub where you can access various themes and personalities all in one place.

The new hub is accessible from the Waze menu and features various rows of themes that users can choose from, including celebrity personalities like Christina Aguilera, Kehlani, and Boy George. Waze also plans to introduce additional partners to the hub, meaning we can expect more themes and customization options in the future.

How to use Customize Your Drive on Waze

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In addition to these options, Waze is also introducing a new Zodiac theme. This is for the astrology-obsessed that want to match their driving experience to their zodiac signs. Users can select from various Mood icons and in-app vehicles to match their signs, and the app will read your horoscopes while providing directions in case you want a good feel of how your day will go. You can also expect fun little quips about your sign.

The new Zodiac experience on Waze

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The Customize Your Drive experience is rolling out now in the United States and is expected to come to additional regions in the future (according to Waze's horoscope). The new Zodiac experience is also available via Customize Your Drive in the United States, but regions without the new hub can access the Zodiac using the left Waze menu.

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