X Pro (formerly Tweetdeck) officially sits behind a paywall starting this week

TweetDeck new version
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What you need to know

  • TweetDeck has been renamed X Pro and now requires a subscription to use.
  • The organizing tool used to be free but now sits behind X Blue's paywall.
  • The move was earlier announced in July alongside a revamp of the then Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck, the application that helps manage your Twitter X accounts, has recently seen several changes. Along with a name change and revamp with new functionalities, the service's new paywall just went into effect for anyone interested in using it.

According to The Verge, several Tweetdeck (now known as X Pro) users are noticing that loading up the application now asks for an X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue) subscription. And it seems previously logged-in and unverified customers were signed out, asking to pay for the new subscription to access X Pro.

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The move isn't completely out of nowhere, as X's support team mentioned the change in early July. The announcement came with several new features introduced to the platform. They included full composer functionality, support for Spaces, video docking, polls, and more. The support team had further alerted users to be Verified within the following 30 days to continue using the service. Per that deadline, the date has passed already, which makes the new change to X Pro not very surprising.

Sadly, although the redesign is undoubtedly a welcome update for some, adding the verified paywall to the service, which has been free since launch (Twitter acquired TweetDeck for $40 million in 2011), isn't quite so welcoming. Nonetheless, it is an excellent tool for those who follow several accounts on the platform, although now you'll have to settle for forking over money every month for the Blue subscription if you want to better manage your accounts.

In addition to Tweetdeck (X Pro), we have seen numerous changes to Twitter X since Elon Musk took over one of the best social media apps. Initially, the change started with the introduction of the revamped Twitter/Blue subscription, which seemingly made the verified badges meaningless, as well as the addition of several new features like longer Tweets and edit functionality.

Twitter recently began paying creators on the platform via ad revenue sharing.

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