TweetDeck is now 'XPro' as the Twitter rebrand continues to spread

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What you need to know

  • Twitter's "X" rebrand has started to spread to its dashboard application TweetDeck but only in the app name and certain other elements.
  • The app still displays "tweet" instead of "post" and its description still falls back on the Twitter moniker.
  • The X app has been busy replacing Twitter on Android and iOS devices, as well.

Twitter is slowly slipping away as the social media platform shifts its dashboard application branding to fit the new "X" moniker.

Spotted by 9to5Google, the platform's management application known as TweetDeck has been renamed to "XPro" amid wider mobile app rebranding. Currently, the name change is only evident at the top of the application's landing page and appears in the tab of a user's browser.

Additionally, the URL link remains, while the description of the app still mentions it is a "powerful, real-time tool" for Twitter.

Other elements of TweetDeck aren't entirely XPro, such as the "tweet" button that remains unchanged even though the platform has dropped that term in favor of "post." Although, the bottom left-hand sidebar of the app does mention the new name for the app alongside the new "X" logo.

A look at the start of TweetDeck's "XPro" rebrand.

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Though it may be sad to see the blue bird go along with its old name, changes to TweetDeck in this manner were expected. However, that's not the only thing changing as soon XPro will require users to be "verified" if they wish to access the dashboard application. X is essentially wrapping the app within its Blue subscription, requiring individuals to pay $8 per month to retain certain benefits.

Considering the rebranding of the app has started to come in, it's likely we're approaching that lockout for those not subscribed to Blue on the platform, as the company announced it would take place "in 30 days" back in early July.

Moreover, XPro, formerly TweetDeck, recently went through a rework of sorts, letting users import saved searches, lists, and columns into the app for a little more convenience. That said, the slightly rebranded landing page offers a "Legacy XPro" link which will direct users to the old version of the app devoid of the revamp.

Elon Musk's "X app" has been busy spreading its new influence on Android phones and Apple's iPhones as the app is now appearing with the new logo alongside X as its name. A new app description accompanied the logo and name change on the Play Store, which reads, "X app is the trusted digital town square for everyone."

Musk has continuously stated he wants X to become a place where people can come and speak, although certain changes, such as introducing a post-viewing limit, have not sat well with users. This was most likely just another attempt at trying to entice people over to purchasing the platform's Blue subscription for a much larger post-viewing limit cap.

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    AC News said:
    TweetDeck has started to be rebranded as "XPro" as Elon Musk's X app continues its takeover.

    TweetDeck is now 'XPro' as the Twitter rebrand continues to spread : Read more
    Well, at least XPro doesn't sound like something to do with sex or strip clubs.. it sounds like something to help with bowel regularity.