Grogu from 'The Mandalorian' becomes more powerful than Google could ever imagine

The Mandalorian on Disney+
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What you need to know

  • Google celebrates the third season premiere of "The Mandalorian" with a cute easter egg.
  • When searching "The Mandalorian," a little interactable Grogu will appear.
  • Clicking on him will make Grogu use the Force to rip Search elements right off your page.

We're not quite in May, but let the Force be with you with Google's latest easter egg to commemorate "The Mandalorian" returning to Disney+.

Our favorite Mandalorian merch will make Grogu appear on the back of your smartphone or Echo Dot speaker, and Google has other plans for Grogu this year, too. The Alphabet-owned company has introduced a cute Grogu surprise whenever you search "The Mandalorian" or other related terms like "Grogu" and "Baby Yoda." A powerful baby Yoda Grogu will appear at the bottom right of your web browser to mess with your results.

Clicking on the young padawan will let him know it's time to show off by ripping off the trailer, show news, and other search elements on the page. As you click Grogu, the page will automatically scroll down to what he can Force grab next. As he rips the search results from the page, Grogu will neatly (kind of) pile them along the bottom of your browser.

If you're not one for patience, simply scrolling down the page without interacting with Grogu will make him fade away. Additionally, if you've had your fill of Jedi Force abilities, clicking the "X" that appears to the left of Grogu will return all search elements back to their original positions to become interactable once more.

Grogu can be found displaying his Force abilities on mobile, as well.

It's not like Google's never been one to get on celebrating different events with fun easter eggs. Grogu's appearance in Search isn't even the first Star Wars-related surprise, as the company has done a May the 4th celebration accompanied by a row of movies to watch in chronological order on Google TV.

Google is most likely hyping up the third season of "The Mandalorian," which just kicked off on Disney+ on March 1. The first episode is titled "Chapter 17: The Apostate," with a thirty-eight-minute runtime.

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