The Google app's search suggestion UI gets a nifty redesign in new Android 13 beta

The Google Search homepage on an Android phone
Google Search homepage (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has been spotted testing a new interface for the Google app's search suggestion list.
  • The UI shows suggested searches as well as your recent searches in the form of cards with rounded corners at the top and bottom of the list.
  • The experimental redesign has appeared in the most recent Android 13 beta.

Google appears to be experimenting with a minor design change for the Google app's search suggestion list, displaying a better Material You design implementation.

The latest Android 13 beta includes a new interface for the Google app's search list, which displays suggestions alongside your recent searches, as spotted by 9to5Google. In the experimental UI, all of those items are contained within a card with rounded corners at the top and bottom of the list.

The UI currently only displays suggested items and previous searches in plain text. These suggestions appear after you've entered a few letters or words in order to auto-complete your search.

As is customary, the icons to the left of each item indicate whether it is a suggestion or a recent search. However, those icons are now surrounded by a circle. The card also spans the entire width of the app window, giving you plenty of room to tap.

9to5 noted that the redesigned Search list might also show up in the on-device Pixel Launcher search when Google restores the feature in a future Android 13 beta build.

The Google app's new UI for its search suggestion list (Image credit: 9to5Google)

For the time being, the UI is part of an A/B test and is available in Google app version 13.20. The final Android 13 beta build is expected in July, so the new UI design will most likely be available this summer on the best Android phones.

The upcoming UI change will be a nice addition to the Google app's search experience. In addition, text suggestions could show up on the Pixel Launcher's search bar in the near future, along with widgets and saved screenshots.

But that's not the only upgrade the search giant is working on, as the Pixel Launcher is expected to gain new search shortcuts for Google Maps, Play Store, and YouTube.

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