Samsung is making it easy to quickly pair with Matter devices

Smart home devices and Matter
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What you need to know

  • Samsung has rolled out an update to its Nearby Devices Scanning app.
  • Users will gain Matter Easy Pair to connect their phone to their Matter-compatible devices through version
  • Matter is a new connectivity standard that aims to make it easier to build a smart home regardless of who created the device.

As smart homes begin to Matter, Samsung is bringing another valuable tool to users with its latest app update.

Samsung has started rolling out a new update for its Nearby Devices Scanning app, according to SamMobile. Users should find the update marked as version, which adds Matter Easy Pair for smart home devices. While the device scanning app works with your phone in notifying you of a connectable device such as a Galaxy Watch 5 or Buds product, now the app will detect a Matter-compatible device.

Matter comes in as a new connectivity standard to remove the app clutter on phones and make it easier for consumers to purchase smart home products. Through the new update, users will receive a notification when a Matter-compatible device is detected by their phone, so they can connect and save that information onto their device for easy connecting.

Users can download the latest update to the Nearby Devices Scanning app through the Galaxy Store.

Samsung's update, bringing Matter Easy Pair to its users, comes a month after Google's Nest device gained support for Matter and Android Fast Pair. While this makes it easier to onboard Matter devices through the Google Home app, that support makes it even more streamlined since Google's Fast Pair technology now supports it. Both pieces of device pairing technology have their parallels as Samsung rolls out its own version for its Galaxy devices.

This could also be seen as part two of Samsung's launch of Matter functionality with SmartThings which began in October. With that previous update, the Korean OEM made it so users could control their Matter-compatible devices from the SmartThings app without needing to download an additional tool.

In conjunction with this, Samsung also announced its expanded partnership with Google. This partnership will allow users to control their Matter-compatible devices through SmartThings or the Google Home ecosystems. This is also brought on by SmartThings' open platform, which now supports multiple ecosystems.

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