Samsung launches Matter functionality with SmartThings for connected living

Samsung SmartThings Home.
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What you need to know

  • Samsung announces it is now bringing Matter functionality to its SmartThings app.
  • Matter controller support will begin with second and third gen SmartThings Hubs alongside the Aeotec Smart Home Hub.
  • This announcement also brings in the Multi-Admin feature which allows users to control their Matter devices from multiple apps and platforms.

Samsung Electronics has announced its bringing Matter functionality to its SmartThings app.

According to Samsung's official post, users will soon be able to seamlessly control their array of smart home devices directly through the SmartThings app. Samsung states that SmartThings hubs will receive an over-the-air update with the SmartThings Android app updating to provide the capability to control all Matter-compatible devices.

This Matter controller support will start with the second and third gen SmartThings Hubs along with the Aeotec Smart Home Hub. The company informs that all hubs will continue to support Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Local Area Network devices, including Wi-Fi- and ethernet. These will receive an upgrade over-the-network which will enable support for Wi-Fi, ethernet, and Thread-based Matter devices. SmartThings Hub

Jaeyeon Jung, Corporate Vice President and Head of SmartThings at Samsung Electronics, said, "We are now shifting from basic connectivity to building incredible experiences. Matter is the future, giving consumers extensive choice and smart device compatibility at scale. Today marks the most significant milestone yet toward mass smart home adoption.”

The Matter 1.0 specifications had just rolled through for many members of the CSA earlier this month. We were anticipating that while many Matter-certified products could find their way onto shelves quite soon, other companies would also bring forth their support for the software.

Samsung started earlier this year pushing its own Matter-based smart home products through its Partner Early Access program. To Samsung, this was the "next step" in creating a Matter-compatible ecosystem. And just recently, Samsung announced its expanded partnership with Google to improve the smart home experiences for users.

This new partnership allows Galaxy owners to use Matter-compatible devices in both the SmartThings and Google Home ecosystems. The partnership is also bringing in the multi-admin feature Samsung spoke of previously. Multi-admin allows users to control their Matter devices from multiple apps and platforms. So, it shouldn't matter if you're using Google Nest, Eve Systems, Nanoleaf, Yale, or others, SmartThings' open platform is integrated to support these ecosystems as these are Matter-certified products.

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