Samsung may have finally made Galaxy software updates less intrusive

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra update screen
(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung appears to have embraced seamless updates with its Galaxy A55 phone.
  • The Galaxy A55's seamless Android update includes a split progress bar, indicating the update is being installed seamlessly.
  • Unlike traditional updates that require users to wait for installation to finish before using the device, the Galaxy A55 allows updates to be installed quietly in the background.

After years of holding out, Samsung may have finally joined the seamless update party.

According to The Mobile Indian, the Galaxy A55 has become the first Samsung phone to receive a seamless Android update with the latest March 2024 patch. With this change, Samsung has introduced a split progress bar to show that the update is going on seamlessly.

Android sleuth Mishaal Rahman chimed in and shared some insights on X (formerly Twitter), noting that those who own Samsung's newest mid-range model are noticing this feature.

After checking out the software update screen, users noticed two stages of installation: the "downloading and installing" phase and the "verification" phase.

This means that you won't have to wait for ages as your phone installs system updates anymore. Your device will quietly install the update in the background, and all you'll need to do is restart your phone to apply it. It's a bit like what Google's been doing with its Pixels since the very first model.

Normally, when you download and install an update on a Samsung device, you need to restart your phone to finish it. And while that's happening, you're stuck not being able to use your device until it's all sorted.

However, it looks like some Galaxy A55 users were able to keep using their phones while the update was downloaded quietly in the background.

Samsung's adoption of seamless updates is not entirely a surprise. Back in 2022, a Samsung executive spilled the beans and confirmed that the company was cooking up plans to roll out seamless updates. It now looks like the company has finally made it happen.

What's really interesting is that Samsung decided to debut this feature on one of its mid-range phones instead of saving it for flagship Galaxy models like the Galaxy S24 series.

While it looks like seamless updates are up and running on the Galaxy A55 now, Samsung hasn't rolled out this feature to all its devices just yet. However, there's a chance the South Korean tech giant might introduce it to other models through future updates.

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