OnePlus' new AI tool thinks you're Beethoven reborn

OnePlus AI music studio signup page
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What you need to know

  • OnePlus AI Music Studio is available for both Indian and global markets, and you don't need to be a OnePlus user to access its features.
  • To create a music video, just select a genre, choose a mood, pick a theme, and type in a prompt to describe your video, and the AI Music Studio handles both the audio track and the video.
  • Once your video is generated, you can either download it for personal use or share it on OnePlus’ homepage or on social media platforms.

OnePlus recently pulled a bait-and-switch, teasing a new product that looked like a set of speakers. Instead, the Chinese phone maker has launched the OnePlus AI Music Studio, an AI-powered tool that lets you create music videos without any musical expertise.

As you might have guessed, the new AI tool can churn out entire songs using nothing but a few text prompts. This tool can not only craft lyrics and melodies but also whip up a matching music video using graphics that align with your chosen theme, OnePlus said in a community post.

To make your music video, just pick a genre. Right now, you've got options like rap and electronic dance music, with pop joining the party soon. If you're feeling more mellow, there are options for happy, energetic, romantic, and sad moods.

Next up, pick the theme that matches your musical vibes. Take your pick from options like cyberpunk, nature, study and work, and travel. There's even a random theme, and an "AI Music Video" option is on its way. Once that's settled, just toss in a prompt, and the AI music studio generates both the audio track and the music video to bring your vision to life.

This tool is available in both the Indian and global markets. The sweet part is that you don't need to be a OnePlus user to get in on the action.

After you've created your song, you can download it and flaunt it on various social media platforms. To amp up the launch hype, the company is throwing a competition open to OnePlus users in India, North America, and Europe. Submit in your entry by December 17, and OnePlus will pick 100 entries from each region.

OnePlus' AI music tool comes hot on the heels of YouTube and Google DeepMind's experiment called Dream Track. With the experimental tool, you can create 30-second soundtracks for YouTube Shorts using cloned voices from different artists.

While OnePlus' new AI tool might be a fun distraction for casual music enthusiasts, serious composers should probably stick to their own instruments.

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