How to search your Twitter DMs

Twitter DM conversation
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Earlier this year, Twitter upgraded its direct messaging feature with a new search bar, allowing users to find the threads they're looking for more easily. It's a handy feature if you want to recall a specific conversation but don't want to spend a bunch of time scrolling through your inbox or individual treads.

Fortunately, this new feature is very easy to access and even easier to use, but we're going to walk you through how to search your Twitter DMs.

How to search your Twitter DMs

Searching Twitter DMs

Searching your Twitter DMs just takes a few steps. (Image credit: Android Central)

1. When you open Twitter, navigate to your inbox on the bottom right corner of the app. On the desktop site, this will be located on the side navigation bar to the left.

2. Once in your inbox, you'll see the search bar at the top of your screen between your thumbnail and settings icon. Tap or click it and type in your search.

3. As you type, Twitter will begin to populate with results. When you're done typing, select any one of the messages.

4. Twitter will take you directly to the message where the word was mentioned.

These steps are the same whether you're using Twitter on iOS or on any of the best Android phones.

One of the best things about the feature is that you can use the filters at the top to better refine your search, whether you're looking for a person, message, or group. For example, the search results will automatically pull up a list of people ahead of messages if you search for the name of someone you've DMed.

Searching Twitter DMs, deleting search history

You can always clear your search history (Image credit: Android Central)

You can also easily access your recent searches just by tapping or clicking on the search bar in your inbox. This will pull up a list of your recent searches, and you can clear them by tapping the "x" in the top corner.

Fortunately, this is one feature you don't need Twitter Blue to access and should make our lives on social lives on Twitter just a bit easier to navigate.

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