Google Weather app Material You redesign hits more Android phones and tablets

The new Google Weather folding/tablet UI on the Google Pixel Fold
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google created a new version of the Google Weather app in 2023 and started rolling it out on select Pixel devices. 
  • Though the overhauled Google Weather app appeared on more Pixel phones and tablets running Android 14 later, it was still exclusive to Pixel. Then, it made its way to select Samsung phones.
  • Now, it looks like the new Google Weather app is available on most Android devices, including those running older versions of Android.

Google is slowly but steadily updating all of its core apps to match the Material You design language, and Google Weather received that treatment last year. Initially, the redesigned Google Weather app was exclusive to Pixel phones and tablets, although it eventually reached a select few non-Pixel devices. Now, it looks like the refreshed Google Weather app is finally rolling out widely on more Android phones and tablets.

9to5Google was the first to notice the Google Weather app on more devices, after some users started seeing the overhauled app on their devices and posted to social media. These included phones from Samsung, OnePlus, and Honor. However, it was one user on X (formerly Twitter) that provided the most concrete evidence that the Google Weather app should be available on most Android devices. 

That’s because the user claimed to have the new Google Weather “app” on a Nokia 4.2, which was running Android 11. Through an update to the Google app, this user now sees the same Google Weather design as seen on Pixels devices.

Aside from the Material You design refresh, users will gain other benefits by getting the new Google Weather app. Of course, the approachable and colorful design is an advantage in itself for some, but there are practical advantages that came with the newly redesigned app, too. These include providing more data and using machine learning to make predictions for rain and precipitation. 

Google sees an opportunity to improve weather forecasting using AI and machine learning and has a research project concerning that very idea. For now, there are consumer-grade features that aim to provide more accurate predictions for precipitations using ML in the updated Google Weather app.

Since people are starting to see the redesigned Google Weather app on a slew of devices from various brands, it feels safe to say the redesign is rolling out in full force.

Brady Snyder

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  • Village_Idiot
    Don't see if for my S24 Ultra or Tab S9. I'm not sure I would trust it, if it is using Google's Gemini AI though.
  • bradavon
    It's not an App. It's part of the At a Glance widget from the Google app.

    Doesn't help all sites are calling it an app.
  • Village_Idiot
    How do I enable that Widget?

    Update: I think I figured it out.