Google Search highlights online forums like Reddit, preps translated news articles

Google Search's new forum for feedback.
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What you need to know

  • Google looks to further improve Search with its new "Discussions and forums" feature alongside news post translations.
  • The company hopes that its new discussion feature provides users with insightful information as it begins its rollout on September 28 for mobile English users.
  • Google Search's translated news posts feature is expected to come early 2023, converting French, German, and Spanish posts to English.

Google Search is building upon the connection we share through the engine by incorporating discussions and forums.

After Google's Search on 2022 event, the company showcased several new ways it's going to improve its search engine moving forward. Another new way Google is doing that is through its latest Keyword post about wanting to hear our voices more through online discussions and forums. These two new features reside within Google's hopes to offer more viewpoints and additional context during your searches and to give its users more choice.

Google Search's new online discussions/forums section.

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Online discussions and forums can be powerful tools for providing people with information. Google Search's latest feature gives users easier access to first-hand advice so they may learn from others who have experienced what they're searching for. This new area within Search will  be labeled "Discussions and forums" and will contain "a variety of popular forums and online discussions across the web."

As of this week, English mobile U.S. users should begin finding this new feature while they use Google Search. The company does state that certain aspects of its new Discussions and forums feature may change as it sifts through feedback and learns what information is more important to those using Search.

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One of the ways Google is looking to improve Search is with its language translation feature for Lens. That same technology is being put to use with how users interact with Search to find stories from another country that may not speak the same language. In early 2023, Google says it wants to launch a new feature that will show users a translated news post using its machine translating program.

Say you're interested in looking up a story of something that happened in another country. Search will provide you with those news story headlines and publishers from that country translated alongside stories about what you searched for in your native tongue. Google is looking at this new feature as a way for its users to gain multiple perspectives on any given story regardless of language.

Google says at launch, it will translate news results from French, German, and Spanish into English for mobile and desktop users.

These two new features for discussions and translation add to the other ways Google is looking to go from improving users' shopping experience to providing more personal results,

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