Google is making Search results more personal, if you want

Google Search on HP Chromebase
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What you need to know

  • Google is improving its "About this result" tool when searching the web.
  • Today's "Search On 2022" event also improved personalized search results.
  • These improvements aim to make searches about shopping, cooking, entertainment, and more tailored to you.

Google Search is something that many of us take for granted these days as it has been the most popular way to find out nearly anything you could imagine from the internet. Today, Google hosted the "Search On 2022" event, in which the company took the wraps off some new features for the service that will make it even better. One way is by providing even better-personalized search results and improved tools to manage those results.

Last year, Google greatly improved the About this search which gives users more information about why the specific results were shown. Today, it is getting even better with breakdowns as to how it fits in with your personalized information, and accessing this tool works across nearly all devices, even the best Android phones like the Pixel 6.

For example, when searching for something to watch and having personalized results enabled, Search can recommend shows you think you'll like from services you are subscribed to. Similarly, when you are shopping, Google will be able to help you find items that match your style based on your previous searches.

Google Search personalized shopping

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This new push for more personalized search results also extends to cooking and finding places to eat. As Google Search continues to grow, features like multi-search are bringing more detailed and customized responses to each web query we make. Should you want to know how much Google knows about you, be sure to do a Privacy Checkup.

Google says the update should make it easier to tell if a result is personalized, and users always have the option to manage or turn off personalization if they want.

While Google Search started as a desktop product, it has evolved to be a go-to way of finding anything from typing on your smartphone to voice searches with Google Assistant. Of course, it is still in our desktop browsers on devices that include a growing list of excellent Chromebooks. So the next time you search for something on Google, you might not have to look as hard to find exactly what you want.

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