Google Search makes it easier to find at-home COVID-19 tests

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What you need to know

  • There has been an uptick in searches for at-home COVID-19 tests on Google Search, surging 170% in May.
  • Google Search is letting users quickly find stores with at-home tests available to purchase.
  • Google also highlights other readily-available COVID-19 information available through Search.

Things may have eased up in many countries, but the fact is that we're still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. As people continue to become infected, Google is expanding access to testing and vaccinations to more people through Search, and the latest update includes at-home COVID-19 tests.

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On Thursday, Google highlighted the various ways that it has made COVID-19 available through Search. Its latest feature allows users to search for and find available at-home testing kits in stores, in addition to information on nearby testing. The feature will be available on Search this month.

Google says that searches for at-home COVID-19 tests have increased by 170% in the month of May, so there's obviously a need for this kind of information to be readily available to users.

The benefit of at-home COVID-19 tests is that there's no appointment necessary, and you can purchase multiple tests at a time. This way, you have them readily available for moments when you think you may have been exposed or as a precautionary measure ahead of a big event where you know you're going to be around a lot of people.

In addition to finding at-home COVID-19 tests, Google highlights how it's helping to keep travelers keep track of restrictions or advisories at their destinations and promoting vaccinations by making it easy to locate and book vaccination appointments, including for kids in the U.S.

Recently, Google made it easy to find and book a doctor's visit directly from Search, and the company hopes to expand this feature beyond the U.S. and with more partners.

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