Google Messages spotted testing a much-needed change to sending photos

Google Messages left-panel menu
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What you need to know

  • Google has started testing a new attachment in Messages for users snapping photos through its quick shortcut.
  • The page lets users snap more photos using "Add More," write in a message, or send.
  • The latest camera attachment refresh arrives quickly after the stable version of Messages picked up a brand new viewfinder.

It seems that Google is kickstarting another test in messages that provide a better experience when sending multiple images.

As spotted by AssembleDeBug on X, Google is testing a new attachment screen when taking photos in Messages using its shortcut (via Android Police). The app's latest beta, version 20240318 openbeta_dynamic, now shows an "Add More" and "Send" pill-shaped button instead of the current build's download and send options.

Additionally, beta testers are treated to an added box to type in a message for the image they're going to send. Further tinkering showed that opting to snap and attach another photo will refresh the screen, but Messages will keep your previously typed message intact.

Google's latest test for Messages is missing one notable function: editing. AssembleDeBug's find is missing the "edit" button that the stable version of Messages provides. Seeing as the test has just begun, it could be a matter of time before Google pops in an editing button for photos on its new attachment page.

The publication notes that it has experienced the new attachment page in Messages on multiple devices in the beta. This likely means that the majority of those with the beta version of Messages will see this test today (Mar. 25) and beyond.

The latest Google Messages beta offers a test for a new attachment page for photos.

(Image credit: AssembleDeBug / X)

Android user's latest camera-focused test in Messages arrived shortly after the app picked up a brand-new viewfinder. Google pushed a server-side update for Messages on March 15 that reworked the UI users would find when snapping a photo. The simplified UI offered zoom options, an easy camera switcher, and options for photos and video capture.

Unfortunately, the latest UI changes ditched the gear icon for more camera settings. That small page previously let users tinker with their flash, camera timers, and aspect ratio.

Elsewhere, Google is preparing to implement Gemini into Messages, and it launched a beta for those with eligible devices. Digging into the app's code showed that Gemini functions similarly to its desktop variation, giving users access to Google app extensions like Maps, Gmail, Flights, and more. The AI bot could also assist users with coding and could be placed into a group chat, though the latter didn't function properly.

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