Google Maps on Android finally picks up a cool weather feature from iOS

A view of Chicago on Google Maps running on a ThinkPhone by Motorola
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The  latest Google Maps update, first spotted in October, introduces a small box below the search bar, showing temperature, weather conditions, and AQI in a specific area.
  • Similar to iOS, the info in the box updates as you move around the map and disappears when you tap on something.
  • Tapping the weather icon reveals a six-hour forecast and "feels like" temperature, while AQI taps show the air quality map layer.

Google Maps on Android is getting a cool weather feature that displays weather and air quality data right where you're looking, inspired by the iOS version.

The update, which initially surfaced in October of last year, introduces a small box below the search bar, displaying real-time temperature, weather conditions, and air quality index (AQI) in a specific area, according to 9to5Google.

Just like its iOS counterpart, the information in that box updates as you move around the map. And the box disappears when you tap on something. If you tap the weather icon, you'll get more details, like a six-hour forecast and the "feels like" temperature. Plus, tapping on the AQI gives you a peek at the current air quality map layer.

Google Maps gets its temperature, rainfall, and air quality information from The Weather Channel. If you want to dive deeper into a location's weather on Maps, just check out the expanded weather info, and you'll find a handy shortcut to The Weather Channel right under the six-hour forecast.

Having a weather forecast on Maps just makes sense, especially when it comes to navigation. As you navigate around the map, the weather information switches up on the fly, giving you a real feel for what's happening right where you are.

With the weather integration, you can scope out more than just the current weather where you're at in Maps. For instance, you can check out the full forecast, including the next few hours, not just for your current spot but for any place you load on the map.

Google Maps showing real-time weather and air quality info

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

Meanwhile, Maps users on iOS have been enjoying real-time weather updates for approximately four years now. It's unclear why it took Google so long to bring this idea over to its own platform.

Anyway, Google has been polishing the Maps experience, and sometimes the simplest trick is to look at the cool stuff the app has on other platforms and just share the wealth with everyone else.

Not everyone might have their hands on this feature just yet, but it's set to hit the masses soon with the latest app update.

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