Google adds weather to Clock and Maps on Android, alarm sync for Pixel Watch

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What you need to know

  • Google Maps has apparently started displaying a "local weather" chip for users, but the feature seems to have minimal availability at the moment.
  • The chip shows the temperature and condition outside for your current location and tapping it expands with more information and a six-hour outlook.
  • Google's Clock app has received an update that contains a "weather forecast" toggleable option when setting up alarms.
  • You can also sync alarms with the Pixel Watch.

Google appears to be continuing its efforts to bring users more pertinent weather information on their devices.

According to Google News Telegram, the company has started rolling out a "local weather" chip when viewing Maps. The tile appears right below the floating carousel of chips with a quick icon representing the current condition outside and temperature. Tapping it creates a pop-up window that expands on that brief glance, showing what it feels like and a six-hour weather outlook.

Air quality and an option linking back to for the information round out the window.

Google Maps has started showing a new "local weather" chip.

(Image credit: Google News / Telegram)

Additionally, a couple of new features are appearing for Google's Clock app (v7.6), including an optional weather forecast feature and an "alarm sync" feature for smartwatches. The news Telegram detailed this, too, stating users should find a "Weather Forecast" toggleable option when creating a new alarm.

According to the post, a greeting screen with a quick summary of the weather outside and temperature, alongside a little more information on what the day will hold, appears after turning off the alarm.

Google's Clock app has updated to display a "weather forecast" option for alarms.

(Image credit: Google News / Telegram)

It's worth bringing up that Google's Pixel 8 seemingly gained local weather information through the Clock app for the home screen on launch. After enabling "local weather on the clock," users will find it in the clock tab and when using the "World" widget. Enabling this produces a "change temperature units" setting, but this should already be synced up to the proper units of measurement for your region.

In addition to the weather feature, the Clock app also lets users sync their alarms with their smartwatches like the new Pixel Watch 2. This will give the user the option to ring the alarm on both devices or to use "Adaptive ringing," which likely means only the watch will ring while it's being worn. The app also lets you choose which smartwatch to sync the alarms to, in case you have multiple linked to your phone.

Alarm sync feature on the Google Clock app

(Image credit: Google News Telegram)

It seems these updates aren't widely available just yet, but it's likely more users will have access to them in the coming days or weeks.

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