New Google Lens update makes it easier to jump into filters at launch

Google Lens Search with your camera function
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What you need to know

  • Google Lens allows users to access various filters for different functions within the app.
  • Google Lens is rolling out with a new update for Android and iOS that appears to make searching things easier on the app.
  • Users can more easily search with filters on the Google Lens app right away after opening the app.

Google Lens is an extremely powerful tool on your smartphone that uses the device's camera to search for things around you. It can be accessed through the native Google app, Google Camera and Google Photos. The incredible tool just got a nifty feature and is reportedly rolling out to iOS and Android.

According to a recent 9to5Google report, a new update from Google has tweaked the Lens tool, which is said to be allowing users to view filters when they start to capture through the Lens. Currently, if you launch Google Lens from the search bar or through the home screen widget, you're typically greeted with three sections, the top most being quick access to your camera.

If you're an Android device owner, like the Pixel 6a, you'll know that opening the Google Lens camera will give you various filters to choose from at the bottom of the screen. They include Translate, Text, Search, Homework, Shopping, Places, and Dining, giving users access to various types of functions in the app based on their needs. However, you need to fully open the camera to access these filters. With the new update rolling out today, these filters are now more easily accessible when opening Google Lens.

As shown by 9to5, the filters now appear as pills in the camera section of Lens, letting you jump straight into the mode of your choosing before even starting the camera mode. Also, swiping across the filters will let you know what it does to give users an idea of what they're searching for.

This update appears to be rolling out now on mobile devices, although it seems it's not widely available just yet.

The update arrives just ahead of Google's upcoming Search On 2022, which is slated for September 28. The company may launch new capabilities for Google Search and Lens apps, such as those teased at I/O earlier this year like "scene exploration."

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