Google Keep's rich text formatting on Android comes to older notes

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What you need to know

  • Google Keep now supports text formatting for both new and old notes on the Android app.
  • The formatting options include bold, italics, underline, and heading styles, though they're not yet available for Google Keep on the web.
  • To access the formatting options, tap the underlined "A" icon in the bottom-left corner of the note editor.

Google Keep users on Android can now spruce up their old notes with text formatting, a feature that was previously limited to new notes.

As 9to5Google discovered, the formatting options are now available for all your notes on Google Keep for Android. Just tap the underlined "A" icon in the bottom-left corner when editing a note to access formatting options like bold, italics, heading styles, and more.

It's a safe bet that the text formatting options will soon make their way to the web and iOS versions.

Google Keep rich text formatting feature

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For years, Keep users have been requesting rich text formatting, and the search giant finally granted their wish. Google first announced the ability to bold and italicize text in your notes in August, though it was only available for newly created notes at the time.

Keep's text formatting capabilities, which were first hinted at in May of last year, are a bit overdue. While these additions aren't groundbreaking, they're certainly appreciated, especially considering Google's recent focus on enhancing Keep with features like a new home screen widget and multi-window support.

Google Keep has been a beloved note-taking app for many, capturing those quick notes, to-dos, and grocery lists. However, its lack of major updates has raised concerns among users. Despite being a decade old, this recent text formatting addition seems to be the most significant update Keep has ever received.

The app is also unlikely to ever get a grand stage moment at Google I/O, leaving users perpetually anxious that it might end up in Google's graveyard of abandoned projects.

That is why it's refreshing to see Google giving some love to Keep, just like it did with Tasks recently. Here's hoping Google decides to integrate Keep reminders into Tasks in the future (it's a no-brainer).

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