Gemini gains 3 new ways to help users stay productive across Workspace

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What you need to know

  • Google highlighted a few new updates for Gemini on Android and the web that users can begin to expect.
  • On Android, Gemini in Gmail is lending its power for email summaries, improved smart replies, and more.
  • Gemini 1.5 Pro is making its way for Workspace app users on the web, bringing a larger context window to consume more data and better "reasoning."

With Google's I/O 2024 behind us, the company is explaining a few new goodies that are on the way for its Workspace apps.

The company explained in a Keyword post that Gemini is preparing to roll out a few extra updates for Gmail users on Android. The idea is to help users remain productive, which is where email summaries come into play. Google states Gemini will analyze an email thread and provide a summary filled with the most important points discussed by you and others.

This will arrive for Workspace Labs users in May with all Gemini for Workspace customers and Google One AI Premium subscribers in June.

Contextual smart replies, which aren't new in Gmail, are getting an AI boost courtesy of Gemini. The post highlights the model's ability to help users with more "detailed and nuanced" suggestions based on a given conversation in an email. Users will have the chance to edit Gemini's suggested reply if they don't want to send it as offered.

Workspace Labs users on mobile and the web will pick this up in July.

Gmail is also primed to pick up a "Q&A" feature via its sidebar on Android, powered by Gemini. Tapping the Gemini star icon in the app will produce a menu with a few pre-made options. Users can input their questions, such as ones that ask the AI to give a quick overview of important questions involving a user's book club. Gemini will scour your emails and pick out questions that should have your attention.

This feature will arrive for Workspace Labs users on mobile and the web in July.

Gemini's 1.5 Pro model is on its way for several of Google's Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Slides, and Sheets today (May 14). The AI's appearance will bring a longer context window and "more advanced reasoning." In short, Google states Gemini will be able to answer a wider range of user questions for better assistance.

Regarding the increased context window, the post highlights Gemini's ability to gather and understand more of a user's data. Additionally, it can provide helpful insights for users using their emails, content in Drive, and more. Users are also gaining the ability to type "@" in Drive to find a specific document they're looking for. 

This can turn into a query for Gemini in which you can ask it for specific information found within that document, like contact information.

Gemini for the Workspace side panel is available now for Workspace Labs users and Gemini for Workspace Alpha users. Next month, Google plans to extend its reach to businesses and consumers on the desktop through Gemini for Workspace add-ons and the Google One AI Premium tier.

Lastly, Google's handy "help me write" tool in Gmail and Docs is starting to arrive in more languages. The company states that the feature will support Spanish and Portuguese on the desktop. More language support is on the horizon, though when they could arrive is currently unknown.

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