The Google Files app picks up a new document scanner

The Files by Google app
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What you need to know

  • Google Files is gaining a machine-learning files scanning feature for photos and documents similar to Drive.
  • A floating camera icon will soon roll in, and tapping will give users two options: "Manual" and "Auto Capture."
  • Photos snapped in Files will be stored in the "Scanned" inside the "Documents & other" directory.

The Google Files app is gaining a neat feature that makes it easier to digitize important documents and upload them to the cloud. As detailed by Nail Sadykov on X, the file management app has gained Google Drive's recent file scanner tool (via Android Police). The feature arrives as a floating camera icon on the bottom of the UI and tapping opens your device's camera.

From there, users will be met with two options: "Manual" and "Auto Capture." The first requires users to take the appropriate photo of their image or document while the latter automatically snaps a picture once in view.

Any photos taken through Google Files are saved in a new "Scanned" tab found within the "Documents & other" directory.

Users will also find a new Drive storage option beside their Internal Storage directory. Tapping it will open the Google Drive app, giving users an easier option to view cloud-stored items.

Since Files is utilizing Drive's machine-learning GMS Ml-Kit Scanner, some editing tools are available after scanning. It appears that users will be able to add a filter to their images or scanned documents, alongside other tools.

The update is slowly rolling out as it's unclear whether we're awaiting a formal update through the Play Store or a simpler server-side push.

The new document scanner is the second feature, coming in together with the app's "Smart Search." Google states the function allows users to search for specific text found within images and PDFs, locations, and objects from photos. The feature requires a moment before it can work, as the company adds it'll take some time before Smart Search is familiar with the data of uploaded content.

The powerful tool enters as an experiment. Smart Search in Files isn't available on every device, though Google hasn't made it clear which devices those are.

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