Google's Duet AI does it all in Docs, Slides, and more for Workspace users

Duet AI for Workspace at Google IO 2023
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What you need to know

  • Google moves Duet AI into "general availability" as it rolls out for Workspace users utilizing Docs, Gmail, Slides, and Sheets.
  • The AI can summarize a topic, pulling from relevant documents, presentations, and more when prompted.
  • Duet AI can create full presentations, equipped with images and important text.

Google announces that its generative AI software for Workspace will begin to arrive for several of its apps.

The company details Duet AI for Workspace is rolling out in "general availability" for Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Gmail. With Duet AI, Google states users can go from scrambling through loads of emails and documents of data to simply asking the software to do the heavy lifting for them.

Soon, Workspace users can ask Duet AI to create a summary of information on a topic they have saved, such as their business' quarterly performance. The software will pull information from Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Sheets to create its initial summary to help break it down for you.

Additionally, Duet AI will offer links to where it's pulled the information from so users can do a little fact-checking before sending off something with loads of AI hallucinations.

Moreover, users can even ask the AI to create a presentation based on all the information provided.

Duet AI creating a summary and a presentation from documents, slides, and sheets within Google Workspace.

(Image credit: Google)

Google adds that presentations will have all the fixings, equipped with relevant text, charts, and images taken from the information saved in your Drive.

Since Duet AI is rolling out, businesses just getting into Workspace can sign up for a trial at no cost. Head of Workspace, Aparna Pappu, said in a statement to CNBC that Google will charge businesses $30 per user to access Duet AI. Pricing for smaller businesses is still under development.

Google first revealed its new Workspace generative AI experience, dubbed Duet AI, during I/O 2023. The company explained that its usage in Slides would help users "visualize something that never existed," while its work in Sheets can aid in analyzing and converting data into insights.

We've already seen its software work in Gmail and Docs through the "help me write" prompt. Duet AI can offer proofreading suggestions and will let users write professionally in other languages, such as Spanish, Japanese, and French alongside English.

Lastly, Google's commitment to its "AI Principals" has continued to make itself evident as the company deploys more methods of source linking. Much like its recent SGE test within Search Labs, Google has brought about more prominent source linking for users doing research to bring about trust in its software.

It's also an extra layer of comfort users can have, especially when working with information that hinges on its accuracy — such as work data.

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