Google Drive gains a new Home page to make files and folders more accessible

Google Drive logo on laptop
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What you need to know

  • Google Drive adds a new homepage section for its desktop version.
  • Users will land on the new home page instead of the "My Activity" page after the latest update.
  • With the new release, Google promises better file management and boosting productivity for Drive.

Google Drive users will soon land on a new homepage instead of the My Drive page when visiting the website. The company is introducing a new view that promises to make files more accessible and faster.

The new homepage is simply dubbed "Home," and the aim is to boost productivity across views in Google Drive for the web, the search giant announced in an accompanying blog post. There are three primary changes to the new homepage; the first of which is a more modern design incorporating the Google Material Design 3 standards that allows users to navigate through your files more efficiently.

Google Drive's new Home page

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Secondly, on the left pane, Home will be the first section you will see once the new update starts to roll out. It offers personalized file and folder suggestions based on Google's machine-learning algorithms. These suggestions showcase files and folders that users have recently opened, shared, or edited alongside the ones attached to users' Google Calendar events.

To allow users to operate Google Drive more efficiently, Filter chips further accompany these suggestions to narrow down the search and find relevant files, which work in conjunction with existing chips like Type, People, Modified, and Location.

The search giant further notes that with the new Google Drive Home page, users will find their files quickly and allow users to collaborate with others more easily.

Once the new view is available for users, Google will provide a relevant banner showcasing the new Start page set to "Home." The company is also providing users with the option to change their view if they prefer the older home page. Users can change it in Settings despite the new view being enabled by default once the update hits the light of day.

Speaking of, the rollout has already started for some domains, and the extended rollout for more users is expected to begin on January 11, 2024. The new Home page will be available for all Google Workspace customers and personal Google account holders.

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