Google Classroom’s new 'Practice sets' feature aims to make education more personal

Practice sets
(Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google has announced a new feature that will soon be available in Google Classroom.
  • The Practice sets feature will enable teachers to focus on the unique needs of their students.
  • It will be available in beta for any educator using a Teaching and Learning Upgrade in the coming months.

Google has developed a new feature that it claims will help create “a more personal path to learning.” Dubbed Practice sets, the feature enables educators to spend more time on their students’ unique needs and give them more personal feedback.

Practice sets will make it possible for teachers to “transform” their teaching content into interactive assignments to make learning more fun for students. It also includes an auto-grading tool, which means they won’t have to spend time manually grading their students.

What’s more impressive is that the feature can help teachers determine the concepts that require more instruction time and students who need extra support. The performance insights will also make it a lot easier for them to shape their future lesson plans.

Practice Sets Example

(Image credit: Google)

Students, on the other hand, will receive real-time feedback as they complete practice sets. They will also get hints through visual explainers and videos to help them solve problems that they find difficult. Practice sets will even celebrate their success with animations and confetti when they solve a problem successfully.

“The kids were calling it Google magic because of the hints, pop-ups and instant feedback they received,” said a fifth-grade teacher who used the feature in a recent trial.

Google is testing practice sets with some schools ahead of its planned beta launch later this year. The feature will be available to all educators using a Teaching and Learning Upgrade within Google Classroom. Institutions using Google Workspace for Education Plus will also have access to the feature once it launches.

Babu Mohan
News Writer