Google Bard can now summarize multiple emails at once for you

Google Bard interface
(Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Bard received a new upgrade that can make your Gmail inbox less overwhelming.
  • The AI tool can now summarize multiple emails at once for you.
  • Bard's new capabilities include the ability to display images in shared conversations.

Google continues to update Bard with new improvements and features. The latest slew of upgrades involves enhancements to make the AI chatbot service better at summarizing emails and making images visible in shared conversations. 

On the company's repository of Bard updates, Google explained that Bard users who access its Workplace extension can now use the AI tool to summarize multiple emails at once, giving you a quick run-through of your messages without having to sift through your entire inbox.  

“We are taking a small step to improve quality and make the Workspace Extension more useful by summarizing more of your emails. Sometimes you just need an update, so we’re improving the way Bard can understand when you need the latest emails,” the company said in the blog post.

The integration between Bard and Gmail to summarize several emails simultaneously is a valuable new feature. As users are inundated with a sea of emails, the AI tool can quickly identify crucial messages and save users the hassle of combing through their entire email history.

Bard’s new treatment also includes a visual upgrade with the capability of displaying images, in addition to text, in shared conversations. Previously, when you shared conversations, only the text message was visible and any uploaded images were omitted from the conversation. But now, as Google notes, “when you share a conversation that has an image as part of the prompt, the image will now also be visible.”

Google’s AI chatbot has gained new ground since its introduction to the general public in February. This includes updates to its mathematical capabilities, precise location support, as well as the ability to showcase images in responses. And now, the latest advancements focus on making your inboxes less overwhelming, which also serves to cement Bard’s position as a valuable addition to the AI game.