Google app tests placing the search bar on the bottom

Google Search page on a Google Pixel 7 Pro
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google app with version is found to have a significant design tweak at the ready.
  • The app is seen with the search bar placed on the bottom of the home page as well as search result pages.
  • It's not clear if or when Google will make this UI change widely available.

The Google app may soon make a significant UI change as recent findings indicate a new search bar placement towards the bottom of the app.

According to TheSpAndroid, the feature is seen in the works using the Google app bearing the version number. The new arrangement of the search bar is observed right above the navigation tabs within the search app, allowing users to have convenient access to the bar amid growing phone screens.

Google testing bottom search bar

(Image credit: The SpAndroid)

A bottom search bar reduces the need to stretch your thumb while using the app and allows users a more convenient approach. TheSpAndroid further notes that the feature being tested is also available in the search results next to the regular home screen on the Google app.

Going by the screenshots, the search bar includes the conventional assistant microphone adjacent to the Google Lens icon. It also looks like the

In recent times, Google has been seen bringing such little changes in the UI, particularly moving things towards the bottom to accompany large screen devices. Despite ditching the option for a bottom address bar for Chrome on Android devices, the search giant recently allowed iOS users to move the address bar to the south on their iPhones.

Repositioning the Chrome address bar on iOS

(Image credit: Google)

Similar changes have also been seen in other apps; for instance, Meta-owned WhatsApp started testing the bottom navigation bar for Android earlier this year.

That said, the bottom search bar on the Google app is in the testing phase now and might also be visible to some beta testers. TheSpAndroid notes that the search giant has yet to approve the release of the functionality for a wide range of users. Considering the trend of providing bottom navigation and search design tweaks, it is safe to presume Google might bring back a similar use case for its Chrome browser very soon. 

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