Some Galaxy phones seemingly stuck with older Google Play System updates

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What you need to know

  • Samsung phones like Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy A33, and Galaxy Z Fold 5 are stuck at older Google Play System updates. 
  • The issue, reportedly found earlier last year, is resurfacing again for certain models, and it's not clear why it's happening.
  • Surprisingly, the Galaxy phones running Android 13 have more recent updates than the devices functioning on Android 14.

Few Samsung phones are reportedly facing issues with Google Play System updates that usually bring improvements to system-wide Google apps. 

While Samsung has been doing a commendable job in bringing One UI 6 stable builds to most of its Galaxy phones while One UI 6.1 also appears to be on the way, something is causing the phones to miss out on the latest Play System updates, reports Galaxy Club.

These devices include the recent Galaxy S23 series next to the Galaxy Z Fold 5. These devices are seemingly stuck on July 1, 2023, instead of the latest December 2023 update. The case is said to persist even though the update is installed on the device manually. After installing it manually and checking the page again, it still shows the July 2023 date. 

Alongside the aforementioned devices, the situation is believed to be seen on other popular models like the Galaxy A33 and the older Galaxy S20 series, which last received the May 1 Google Play System update. The common error found on these devices includes a message like "Your device is up to date," in some cases, the message pops up indicating "Updates are temporarily unavailable."

As Galaxy Club points out, the case of Galaxy A52 running Android 13 is seen on the November 1 update; on the other hand, the recent Galaxy A53 running on Android 14 is still stuck on the September 1 update. Similarly, the recent Galaxy A34 was seen on the August 2023 update. Popular Galaxy S22 and S21 models were stuck on the October 2023 update.

While the precise cause is yet to be determined, this isn't the first time that Galaxy device owners have faced this issue. There were several instances in the past where some of the Samsung phones were similarly stuck with older Galaxy Play System updates. Although the cases reappear again, Galaxy Club mentions such issues are resolved on the devices automatically as there aren't any significant steps to resolve the problem.

In this instance, we anticipate that the fix is largely the same as it looks like a bug blocking Galaxy phones from receiving the Google Play System upgrade, even if the update appears to be available. Meanwhile, if you are a Galaxy phone user, we recommend you to navigate to the device's Settings > Security & privacy > Updates > Google Play system update and try to get the latest Play System update.

Vishnu Sarangapurkar
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  • davinp
    My A32 5G is stuck on the October Update. When I go to check for updates, it just stays stuck on the Checking For Updates screen, so I am been unable to download the November update
  • parksanim
    Google must be having some serious problems with older software support. My Gen 1 Google Home device (along with many others, per complaints) bricked after a recent update last week. No warning. No fix from Google. People are not happy.
  • Village_Idiot
    This is less a Samsung issue and more a Google issue.
  • parksanim
    Village_Idiot said:
    This is less a Samsung issue and more a Google issue.
    Yes it seems like Google is having issues with updates on different formats. I'm starting to have real concerns about the company.