Fitbit is letting go of its web dashboard soon

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What you need to know

  • Fitbit will remove the web version of the dashboard for users starting July 8.
  • This move will push users to move from the web to their phones, allowing them to access features exclusively designed for an in-app experience.
  • Fitbit says that this move aligns with its mission to be one "combined Fitbit and Google team."

Fitbit announced on Tuesday (June 11) that it will discontinue the web dashboard starting July 8. This comes after Fitbit made several changes to its app last year, including a "Today page" and a "Discovery page" with much larger information cards.

The company stated that this transition aligns with its mission to be one "combined Fitbit and Google team."

It looks like the Fitbit team is trying to integrate all its health and wellness features into the Fitbit app. This move will push users to move from the web to their phones, allowing them to access features that have been exclusively designed for an in-app experience. 

Users will no longer be able to access the dashboard after the set deadline, but the company says that all the previous data stored online, including details on nutrition, sleep, and activity until that date, will be made available to users via the Fitbit app.

While having all the data stored in one place seems like a good move, several Fitbit users seem not too excited about it. In a separate community thread, a user who spotted this change in April said, "So now the web or 'browser' dashboard has an interstitial message that pops up telling me I can use the app on my phone."

"I have the app on my phone - I don't need telling. I'm logging in to use the web dashboard because it's more convenient for me."

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Another frustrated user said they didn't want the change and never asked the company to remove the dashboard, complaining that the company doesn't appear interested in listening to consumer needs.

"If anything there's hundreds of people saying how important that was for their HEALTH goals, but yet you ignore us and just do what you want," the user added.

Some users pointed out that the Fitbit app doesn't show your Lifetime Achievement stats, Best Achievement stats, and Calories Left Estimate.

"If Google Fitbit suggests that the mobile app has the features of a web dashboard, they are wrong." Additionally, things like creating a meal and customizing food, such as the way in the web dashboard, continue to be missing in the app. 

On the other hand, Fitbit acknowledged that change can be difficult, "but we appreciate your patience as we build Google Fitbit to be better than before." Users have approximately another month to download the app and sync their fitness data.

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