YouTube reveals the top trending videos and creators of 2022

Best of YouTube 2022.
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What you need to know

  • YouTube has come with its "Best of 2022" highlights.
  • The top video of 2022 goes to Technoblade's goodbye with MrBeast still reigning supreme as the top creator.
  • YouTube also came with its first-ever "Top Shorts" as the short-form video content surpassed five trillion views this year.

We're not popping the bottles just yet, as YouTube has come with its look back on 2022.

The video streaming platform has come with its 2022 version of "A Year on YouTube" blog post. Things kick off as we look back on some of the top trending videos of 2022 on the platform.

In the top three, we have the heartbreaking goodbyes of a father for his late son Technoblade titled "so long nerds." We're then reminded of the shock that was Will Smith's interaction with Chris Rock at the Oscars and YouTuber Dream's face reveal.

YouTube's own version of short-form content aimed at its competitor TikTok was rounded up next. This is the first time we've gotten a "Top Shorts" of the year, and YouTube was sure to recognize all the ways creators have gotten, well, creative with the new tool. Coming in at #1 with 250 million views was Shangerdanger's short of cracking an egg 45ft below water.

YouTube's "Best of 2022" highlights.

(Image credit: YouTube)

YouTube Shorts may have only been around for a couple of years, but earlier this year, the platform announced that its new short-form content surpassed five trillion views. A little over two weeks ago, YouTube loosened its restrictions on creators and their Shorts, offering up to 60 seconds of licensed music to be used in their short-form videos.

Among the top creators for 2022 saw MrBeast retaining his number one spot for the third straight year, followed by NichLmao in second and CoryxKenshin in the ninth spot.

Aside from the top videos that caught people's attention throughout the year, YouTube's done some work to improve its video experience this year, too. The company started rolling out its newly redesigned video pages for users, which are much more widely available now. YouTube also recently pushed out its new color theme named ambient mode for users using the dark theme on the web or using the app.

YouTube also brought a little joy to creators this year, as well, as channel pages received separate tabs to organize things better. This change allowed viewers to find the content of their favorite creator easier by sifting through Shorts, Live (live streams), and regular video tabs.

Wrapping this up, YouTube's top breakout creator for 2022 is NichLmao, with the top music video on the platform being held by Encanto Cast's "We don't talk about Bruno."

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