YouTube adds separate tabs for Shorts and streams to clean up channel pages

YouTube changes Channel pages to include tabs for Shorts and other content.
(Image credit: YouTube)

What you need to know

  • YouTube begins rolling out additional changes for its app and web view based on user feedback.
  • The change will introduce a Shorts and Live tab for channel pages which exclude these pieces of content from the Videos tab.
  • This update comes days after the platform's colorful redesign and should be widespread across devices in the coming weeks.

YouTube will begin introducing a welcome change by adding separate tabs for channels.

According to an update post for YouTube features, the video streaming service will begin rolling out separate tabs for a channel's Shorts, live streams, and other long-form videos. YouTube says that this update, which has already begun rolling out, is the result of user feedback and should aid users in finding a creator's content quicker and easier.

As users search in the new Shorts tab, they will find all of the short-form videos that the creator has ever done. To go along with this, if you are watching their video from the Shorts feed and have clicked/tapped on their channel, you will be directed straight to their Shorts tab on their page.

The Live tab allows users to see all of the streams they've missed, those that are scheduled, or to catch one that's live.

This update separates all these pieces of content so that they don't clutter a channel's Videos tab, which regains its spot as the place to watch a creator's long-form content.

YouTube states that it may take a couple of weeks before everyone is able to see the new Shorts and Live tabs displayed on channel pages across every device.

This isn't the only change YouTube announced recently, as users of the app receive a colorful redesign that started rolling out earlier this week. The video platform's redesign introduced ambient mode, which allows the colors of a video to bleed into the UI of those using the dark theme mode.

The update also brought in pill-shaped icons and also retooled the elements of a video's page for better user engagement.

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