YouTube rolls out an immersive, colorful redesign for web and mobile users

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What you need to know

  • YouTube begins to roll out its new revamped visual elements for mobile and web users.
  • Those using dark theme will find colors bleeding into the background of the video page along with playlists receiving the same treatment.
  • Pinch to zoom and precise seeking is also being included for iOS and Android devices.

YouTube kicks off its 17-year celebration by treating mobile and web users to a new visual experience.

According to YouTube's official blog post, the company is rolling out its new revamped design elements for mobile devices and web users. YouTube states that through its pulling of user feedback, it has had the desire to produce a cleaner, lively design that represents its brand better.

The revamp begins with YouTube adding a splash of color to its video pages. With this update rolling out, the video streaming platform will introduce ambient mode. This new mode, along with dynamic color sampling, brings about a subtle shift in tone, which allows the background of the app to adapt to the color of the video a user is watching.

On the topic of YouTube's dark theme, the company states it's improved the mode to be even darker. It hopes that this slight change will make the colors of your video pop even more as it rolls out for smart TVs, web, and mobile users.

For playlist creators, YouTube's new update includes the same color improvements as video pages. There is also the inclusion of more details about each of your playlists so you can enjoy them with ease.

YouTube has also taken a step back to rethink how users interact with videos and the elements of those pages. Links in a video's description have been turned into buttons, and other commonly used elements such as like, share, and download have shifted into a more minimalistic, pill-shaped form. YouTube has also changed the design of its subscribe button.

Users will begin to see its new shape and how it pops off the page now. Although seeing as it's no longer red (it's now white), YouTube hopes this change will make it easier to find and more accessible across different pages from videos to channels.

Precise seeking on YouTube

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This update is also rolling out pinch to zoom, and precise seeking to all users, the former of which was recently tested. Pinch to zoom allows users to zoom in or back out a video on iOS and Android devices with clarity. Lastly, precise seeking is a feature where users can drag or swipe up while seeking to bring up a row of thumbnails within the video player. This is a way for users to more easily find exactly what they're looking for in a video.

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