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Apple at it again, calling for injunction against the Galaxy Nexus

Apple has once again called Samsung into court. This time it's about the Galaxy Nexus and four patents that Apple says it infringes. The patents in question are:

Apple is requesting that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus be blocked from sale in the United States because it violates these patents.  Should the court find in favor of Apple, a ban against the Galaxy Nexus would be put in effect until the final court decision.  

Could it happen? Certainly. But if it does, it won't go into effect any time soon, it would only affect stores inside the U.S. selling these products, and no jack-booted thugs from Cupertino will come pry your Nexus from your hands. We can't be sure how the courts will act, but all of these are pretty shaky patents, and once again Apple is not going after Google directly -- even though the Galaxy Nexus has a pure vanilla version of Android.  The only certainty here is that the patent system is broken and only serves the company willing to spend the most in the courts.

It's time for Google to step in and put a stop to this bullshit. The first patent in question is the same one that was upheld against HTC in a move that shocked the tech community at large, essentially giving Apple the rights to the hyperlink -- something invented over 20 years ago by numerous companies that aren't Apple.

The other three are just as laughable, or would be if not for the fact that Apple was allowed to secure the patents at all. Every single one of them has existed as prior art long before Apple became relevant, yet a patent was granted each and every time. This is the core of the problem. You can't blame Apple for trying, it's cheaper to litigate away your competition than it is to out-innovate them.  And make no mistake -- that's exactly what's going on here.  Apple wants Android to go away, and a look at any chart that shows market share will tell you why.  It's a shitty way to get ahead, but it's too easy not to try. It's going to take a tech giant to change the way this all works, and we know nobody can count on Apple or Microsoft to do it, because this is their system, created the way they like it, and making them rich. If Apple is afraid to go after Google, Google needs to go after Apple instead of sitting on their laurels waiting to ride in and save the day at the last minute.

Now blast away in the comments, telling me how subsection F of title code XXIVI (or some other ridiculous lawyer speak) makes my points invalid. In reality, they make it even more valid -- spending money on lawyers, and twisting common sense into something that kills your competition works with the current patent system. That makes us sad.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • When all this lawsuits & Injunctions gonna stop ?
  • When it's no longer profitable for lawyers, judges, and tech companies.
  • Which sadly means it will never end
  • Probably never... In Delaware there a multiple cases filed almost daily...
  • Steve Jobs said he will spend every dime Apple has till Google stops stealing there stuff. His autobiography was very interesting on how Android came to be. It felt very similar to Apple's beef with MS and windows.
  • And will end in a similar way.
  • With Google bailing out Apple so that the company will survive? Not very likely.
  • LOL, no, not like that... more like Android taking most of the market, and iOS keeping a healthy share of profits from the high-end.
  • he going to have a hard time doing that now isn't he?
  • I think the end will come soon if the DOJ approves the Google Motorola merger as expected. Google will then have sufficient patent standing to tell Apple to shut up or shut down.
  • I believe Palm had universal search way before iOS and if they didn't, so sue me
  • They also have the patent to the Smartphone. No-one ever mentions Palm... Wonder why ;-)
  • Wouldn't that be awesome if HP just sued Apple, and only Apple, just to be a dick about it... I mean an Apple about it.
  • Bitter much? Who cares dude. Doesn't affect anyone or your family who cares what they want to do in the courts
  • You should care. It has a ripple effect. Higher prices, monopolies, lack of innovation, etc.
  • People constantly claim that these patent laws hold back innovation, and I totally disagree. It holds back iteration. If you look at the iPhone at its core, thats an innovative product. Anything anyone has done since then has been very iterative on there idea, and added new features. When these patents stop someone from doing something truly innovative instead of using the same idea's someone else already did, then I'll agree with you.
  • So Google having to spend BILLIONS of dollars buying up patents to defend themselves don't hold back innovation? I'm sure that money could have been better spent on R&D.
  • No because they haven't made an innovative product. They took an innovative idea (the iPhone) and iterated on it (and did a damn good job iterating). If this was a truly innovative product they shouldn't have to worry about this.
  • the iPhone wasn't innovative. It wasn't the first phone with a touchscreen or apps or rectangle candy bar form factor. It was a very polished model but it wasn't something new.
  • It was the first purely touchscreen phone without any other input device. It was also the first multitouch phone. Also the first phone to use glass. . . it had a lot of firsts. Just so I don't come off to fanboyish on this, while I do have an iPhone I actually plan on switching to a Samsung Galaxy Note. I think android is a great product, but its iterative, not innovative.
  • The Apple trolls are out in force.
  • That's completely misinformed... The iPhone was not uniquely innovative, just the most successful product at the time. Most of its features were already available in smartphones or pocket computers by other manufacturers. Neither Nokia's Symbian or Meego, nor Microsoft's WP needed an iPhone. You are drawing an arbitrary line between what you call innovation and iteration.
  • It was first phone with capacitive touch screen (they buyed company who invented that) and first to provide multi-touch, and lack of most physical buttons (that MS CEO laugh full mouth about it btw... now they supporting such phones themselves). Apple brings a lot of new things to table, but some people are simply blinded by hate to Apple to see it
  • Apple took advantage of the maturing of key technologies that made the device possible. They hit the timing just perfect. Good on them. They made billions. Now they need to compete as the rest of the market has caught up and surpassed them in many ways.
  • Because Apple was so truly innovative? Come on, most of what Apple did was already done before. They marketed the phone well and that's all they did. Did you know they even stole the iPhone name? That has been around since 98...get a grip. Apple did not innovate anything but marketing a cell phone.
  • It affects ALL OF US. Software patents are just plain stupid. They are a horrible abuse of the patent system. They ends up costing all consumers extra money and stifling innovation; holding back new products and technologies.
  • BAAMMM! That's what's up!
  • this is why your an idiot, it effects every one of us including you! every one of these companies spends millions and millions of dollars in court because of this same sh!t cutting into their profits and in return they dick us with footing the bills. with out these shenanigans, phones would be a lot better priced.
  • Apple is like a stupid little kid poking a sleeping pit bull with a stick...
  • Except the Pit Bull can't do much... Apple sues Samsung, Samsung sues Apple, and so on and so forth...
  • Wait until the Google/Motorola merger is complete -- possibly as soon as next week. Then that pit bull will have a rocket launcher. Payback's a bitch.
  • Kid pokes pit bull, pit bull bites kid, pit bull gets euthanized. It's certainly what Apple hopes for at least.
  • Ironically enough, it's those "perfect world" apple douches that made it standard to euthanize a dog that bites matter what that person does to them. "The world should only behave the way I I I! want it to, no matter how bad I treat it!"
  • I know everyone here is going to be really pissed at Apple, but if you've read Steve Jobs' Biography it says that he wanted to destroy Android because it was a stolen idea, so he would spend every single dime of Apple's money if necessary to do that. So, although these lawsuits are not rational, they are expected. Probably even Apple knows they're stupid, but they'll try EVERYTHING.
  • I don't know about anyone else, but I am pissed at ALL companies using software patents. At least Google tried to stay out of this stupid stuff, but it looks like they are going to have to also play this unproductive game.
  • Jobs is dead, why people should follow his stupid ideas?? Oh, I know, it is called Jobs Church...
  • Because Apple has followed, follows, and will always follow Jobs' style, dumbass.
  • Even when they tossed him out of the company he founded?
  • he was a buddist so its jobism
  • There'll be a St Jobs Cathedral soon.
  • Nothing irrational about the lawsuits, they're after more money (our money).
  • Don't eat the apple; it's poisoned.
  • I don't even respect apple anymore (not that I ever have). I hate apple now.
  • I don't even respect apple anymore (not that I ever have). I hate apple now (just like I always did) Fixed that.
  • Jerry said "bullshit' I'm tellin . . . . . : - )
  • Well one thing about this nonsense that effects all of us is the courts themselves, who do you pays for them? And really my question is how much money do these guys need anyway? And let's also think about how this hampers innovation, since itbseems anyone can patent something just for the sake of holding the patent. So if let's say I for example come up with some new app, launch it becomes like Russian Roulette someone somewhere could have a piece of paper and I'm screwed. Something needs to change.
  • With each and every one of these pathetic attempts by Apple to rid their competition, I lose more respect for them. Desperate actions.
  • What amazes me is that even tho the man is dead. and we now know from the biographies what a terrible man he was. That these people still follow him. The only thing Steve jobs was good at was lying for his own personal agenda. Grrrr...I hate apple.
  • Jobs's irrational hatred for Android is a fairy tale they tell... In reality, the attack on Android is a very calculated attempt to keep profit margins as high as possible. It's always been about money, Jobs's death doesn't change that.
  • Shame, he died for nothing then.
  • Apple is pathetic. Will never buy any of their products. My entire family will never buy Apple and many other people are feeling this way. I'm talking Android users and past Apple fan boys. Apple is ruining their good name IMO. This will bite them in their ass very soon. The court systems can not buy into this sneaky bull shit. I'm hoping Google grows some balls and goes after Apple with the help of some of the other major companies that Apple has screwed. Fuck Apple and all the asses involved.
  • Apple is a real douchebag in the tech world since they not only sue other tech companies over outdated patents, but they also sue other companies over such trivial things like logos and names of those companies or the products they sell. Like the case where Apple sued a coffee-house over their name and logo! look it up: Apple sues German cafe I wrote an article for my blog on this whole patent warfare in the tech world. I got a lot more examples of Apple's douchbagy behavior when it comes to their competition and their "non-competition".
    Anybody wanna give it a read:
  • Apple isn't the only company to sue over trademarks. In fact, companies that don't try to protect their trademarks can easily lose them.
  • Trademarks and patents are two different things. Buy a clue.
  • True, but Apple are the only ones that seem to sue EVERYTHING with "apple", "i", or "pod" in it's name and everything that has an apple for a logo. The example that I used, with the German cafe, their logo looks nothing like Apple's logo and yet Apple seems to believe that people will be too stupid to realize the difference.
  • Most companies that do that are the once who want to catch Apple trand wave ;p
  • Huh? I know about typos. I make them from time time. I also know there's an edit button and I correct my mistakes when I find them. I have no idea what you were trying to say.
  • This article would be more respectable if it at least got the forum correct. This latest round is not in the ITC.
  • They are suing a Google phone for a search patent? WTF?
  • Apple sucks im boycotting there products and spreading the word against them to any one who will listen.
  • ATAST!!
  • That's never going to catch on. Sorry.
  • These lawsuits don't even need to be posted anymore. It seems they come daily. I enjoy Apple and Android products. Typing this on my Macbook Pro, had a EVO 4G switched to the iPhone 4s and the phone itself was good. Sprint's network was trash though. Cancelled 3 lines because of the change of contract in FEB (no ETF) and no I have the unlocked Galaxy Nexus. I don't know whats the issue really. I don't think the problem is marketshare though. I just read a article yesterday saying Apple has like 80% of the mobile phone profits.
  • Leave Google ALONE!!!
  • Is it wrong that I was tempted to dance to this? :(
  • When are you Androids going to LEARN. Listen from the Master and repeat after me. "Android is a stolen product. It will be extinct in 2 years. We are all in a denial phase. We will come to the acceptance phase very soon"
  • The OS with more than 45% of marketshare is going to extinct? And you call Android a stolen product when all of the "new" features of iOS 5 are stolen from Android? Stick with your iPhone, Albert! You deserve it!
  • ...I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic
  • You should take a look at the rest of his comments! At first I thought he was sarcastic too but it seems he really is an iDiot!
  • You got the point. Huh iOS 5? Android without Widgets.
  • ..and without proper access to the file system, without selectable apps for default actions, without many of Google's free apps, without seamless system integration of social apps, without alternative app vendors, without open source allowing for third-party modifications, without multiple competing manufactures for the best custom hardware, the list goes on and on...
  • "It will be extinct in 2 years..." I know....folks said that in 2010 too. So what is it...every year some one will tack on 2 years until hopefully their prediction is right? Sounds like the rapture to me...
  • OS X was a stolen productand where is it now? Android was in development before iOS came out... Your logic is flawed :)
  • Apple will only stop when they have 100% market share or they go bankrupt. I am hoping for the latter. Googlerola will destroy them.
  • Wait until EU impose anti-trust ruling with a huge fine. Then we will know who goes bankrupt.
  • So you hope Apple goes bankrupt and all the people working there lose their jobs? What an ass.
  • All those Foxconn workers are going to have find a different sweatshop.
  • edit: wrong post!
  • All the people at Foxcon will keep there jobs relax. Its the idiot's in California that will I hope. Call me an asshole or whatever I don't care. But if I worked for a company that did nothing but sue companies because they make a better product I would leave. Shall I add the iTrools are out in droves tonight. Hmm must be scared of something. :p
  • Do you think that all of these lawsuits might lead to google trying to purchase palm from HP? The only thing that I can thing of is what if after ford produced the model T he sued everyone who attempted to build a vehicle because they used a steering wheel, or two axles, or because it used a transmission? The other thing I can't help to think is what is apple so afraid of? If they believe their product is better than why worry?
  • At this point it would be the best option. Heck the 1.2 bil would be cheap insurance against Apple. Then Googlerolla Will say point blank "Stop this now or we will ANNIHILATE YOU!". With those patents they would have the muscle to back it up to. Heck then Duarte can truly combine WebOS into Android. Oh I can dream can't I?
  • I spent part of the day cleaning stuff off an old iPod Touch. Things that would take seconds on Android had to be researched and completed through arduous steps between the device and iTunes. I'm reminded why I despise all things Apple. They're so damn unwilling to turn any control over to the user and the result is misery and frustration. Android be praised.
  • Lol. I wonder why millions of Androids are jumping ship into iOS camp as soon as iPhone is available on their carrier. Because iOS is difficult to use?
  • cause they're hipsters...who probably wear Ray Bans, deep V-necks, Chuck Taylors, and roll up their pant legs.
  • The troll is delusional. Android has increased its share of smartphones in the most recent numbers.
  • Hey my friend got Ray bans and wears V necks, he's not a hipster though
  • *hides behind GNex in hopes that no one sees me wearing all of these things*
  • You are a sublime troll. You get people to bite on that hook like nobody's business. You truly are a master baiter.
  • When you have no good reply, you call other people trolls. Keep it up.
  • Spoken like a true adroit toll. I bow humbly in your presence.
  • I don't know a single person who's gone in that direction. If I did, I check him for lobotomy scars.
  • If you can look at AT&T, Verizon and Sprint Quarterly earnings report you will know how many jumped ship.
  • Uh huh. If you say so. We must have imagined Android increasing its marketshare of smartphones. Yep.
  • Sir, if you can please have another look at the latest NPD and Comscore data you will know what i am talking about. Android momemtum has stalled. Market share gains are mostly outside USA. The share gain of Android is flattening and the only directly it will go from here is South. Android still has momentum in China and India. Enjoy that, as it will reverse also when China Telecom releases iPhone 4S. China Mobile may telease iPhone5 late this year or early 2013.
  • Apple would kill, probably literally, for 50% of the market. They have to settle for less than 30. Microsoft has 1%. RIM is crashing. We'll just have to agree to disagree on that interpretation there.
  • Heard this before. When the iPhone comes to Verizon its the end of Android. iPhone 4s is the end of Android and blah blah blah.
  • Welcome, sire, to the world outside the USA.
  • Only millions of Android users are not jumping ship. Numbers don't lie and Androids growing in market share faster than Apple. One device a year vs 10 great devices a year, not too hard to figure out who will win. Apple has the fanbois and new smartphone owners buying. Look into the future when Apple has <10% share, like windows vs Mac in the 80s and 90s, and Android has 80%, then we will see who is laughing.
  • F*ck Apple and everything they stand for. I only own an iTouch but that's before they started acting like b*tches. SN: I like the crapple logo Jerry lol It's my fb profile picture xD!
  • There's a bit too much of that "Apple is evil ARGLE BARGLE GRRR" oversimplification going on here. The patents aren't as simple as covering basic ideas: they're referring to specific implementations. Whether or not Samsung and Android are that close is up for debate, but it's time we stop thinking that Apple is only patenting everything basic and that the solutions are "obvious;" of course they aren't, or Microsoft would have used them in Windows Mobile. Also, don't pretend that Samsung is the innocent lamb here. Most if not all of Samsung's countering lawsuits are abusing 3G standards patents that it's supposed to be licensing fairly; it's under an EU investigation for that reason. If Samsung were the saint, it'd at least try to roll in some non-standards patents. Boycotting or fuming at Apple seems silly, too, given that some critics argue that Samsung corrupts Korean politics and has had too much influence on local society. At a certain point you have to acknowledge that many corporations do questionable things; you don't have to like it, but avoiding one dodgy practice to support a company committing another reminds me of that Simpsons alien election bit: "don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"
  • I voted for Pedro =)
  • Bravo Aurelian ! Well said. I can't understand why all these people can't understand this basic fact. Hatred is ok. But letting hatred towards Apple cloud your reasoning and judgement is pitiful.
  • Wow! It's a troll circle jerk.
  • Now that I think about it, a better metaphor would be the HumancentiPad, since they are all Jobs' bitches:
  • Omg now that is true innovation. They've got to patent that
  • I see what you did there. You tried to make it about Samsung. It's not. It's an assault on Android. Samsung just happens to have the most successful and visible iPad alternative so far. That's why they are being targeted. All software patents should be invalidated. They are ridiculous no matter who holds them.
  • I agree software patents are silly, but remember, most of Apple's case around Samsung still revolves around design issues; that Samsung very conspicuously emulated the basic look of an iPhone (not so much the iPad). Ever see an international Galaxy S, S II, or Note? Wonder why that big, physical home button at the bottom mysteriously goes away only on the US version of the same phone? Of course, Apple's real target is Android. Personally, I'd have never started such action, but it's important to note that neither Google nor Samsung was running out and securing a lot of these patents. Just because you don't plan to fight the patent wars doesn't mean you shouldn't come prepared to defend yourself. Patent lawsuits are common in tech, whether it's from a big rival or a no-name LLC trying to troll the industry for cash. You can't choose to avoid the game when playing is mandatory. I'm not so sure the Galaxy Tab line is being slammed solely because it was the biggest rival, though. If you look at an HTC Flyer, there's no question that you're not looking at an iPad. Not quite so clear with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, even if I'd let it slide myself. Samsung even made the mistake of saying, very publicly, that it would "not be outdone" after it was caught off-guard by the iPad 2. It's the one that unveiled a conveniently redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1 three weeks after the iPad 2 was out. I should know: I was at the trade shows where it showed both versions.
  • When you have a sparse minimalist, function-driven design, I think you pretty much lose the right to cry fowl when others do the same. There's only certain ways a tablet can be made. Apple has tried to pretend that they should have a monopoly on the black slate tablet. This simply cannot be allowed, and if trade law points to the correctness of Apple's position, then it needs to be severely overhauled in order to preserve a competitive landscape.
  • So I assume you're not supporting Apple either?
  • If I had my way, none of this would've started... well, maybe griefing Samsung over trying to copy the iPhone with that home button and TouchWiz, but not the iPad. And I'd probably have taken a one-time reasonable settlement on the design at that.
  • "The patents aren't as simple as covering basic ideas: they're referring to specific implementations." Like the slide to unlock? Because the ICS 'specific implementation' is NOTHING like the iPhone unlock.
  • stay classy Jerry :) “It's time for Google to step in and put a stop to this bullshit...It's a shitty way to get ahead”
  • Can you tell what Google can do by "Stepping In". :)
  • Google has never sued anyone for patent infringement, despite having revolutionized the Internet with their search and holding many patents through companies that they purchased over the years. If Google steps in, that would be a step back from the "don't be evil" moto. I hope courts rule against Apple so that Google doesn't have to use their patents defensively to keep their products on the market.
  • Jerry, I always love reading your posts as they're always energetic and full of hotblooded passion. So no surprise that this post is as hotblooded as they come. Let me preface this by saying I myself am an iPhone 4 user. While my first smartphone was a G1 and I loved it for a time. Android as a whole does not fit my needs and I've never looked back since leaving it. That being said I wholeheartedly agree with you. This entire patent game is crap and really needs to be addressed. The amount of money these companies are spending suing each other could better be used developing better products and services. Yes Apple has a right to defend itself just as Google and the entire Android ecosystem has the right to defend itself against copycats and the like, but the problem here is Apple is on a crusade to pretty much destroy Android, it's gone from protecting the business to a personal matter and really it's just childish. As much as I'd love to see Tim Cook show some initiative and extend an olive branch to Android as a whole it's not going to happen. Not as long as patents are being handed out for things like the Hyperlink. Do the people in the USPTO even know what technology is, or all they all still stuck in 1960? Anyway keep the work AC team and never lose that fiery passion Jerry.
  • I'm sorry we dont have instagram to keep you entertained :P /sarcasm
  • Finally a comment from an Apple user that doesn't sound like trolling.
  • Apple must be finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel to keep throwing out all these lawsuits.... Android is taking over and Apple sees it coming...
  • You can roll all you want. Apple brought out the 4S and didn't budge the marketshare numbers for Q4 2011. Their walled-garden vertical strategy which served them so well in the early market is the anchor that is dragging them down.
  • The only part of this post where I take exception is where you say Apple is suing instead of out innovating. Apple has been out innovating its competition for over 30 years.
  • Innovate. What the hell did Apple ever create, or innovate. All they do is buy out innovative companies and tell you trolls its magical. Sad thing is you people believe it like its the best thing since.sliced bread.Yes Android was bought by Google, but look at what they've done with it. More than Apple has done with iOS. They have now resorted to stealing notifications from Android, messaging from BB just to stay relevant. Now that Jobs can never come to the rescue again, goodbye Apple been sad knowing ya.
  • This guy is funny. I like him.
  • Fandroids call you a troll when they fail to reply. You say this when you get beaten.
  • Double post. Fail.
  • +1000
  • Ok, you guys don't like apple fanboys, so don't be a fandroid either.
    If it weren't for apple most people would not have smartphones or tablets. THAT IS A FACT! ALMOST NO ONE had a tablet before 2010, now it's extremely popular. That's because they sucked before 2010, they ran Windows!
    Apple takes ideas that didn't go well and make them good, they show people and companies how stuff is supposed to work. Now, it doesn't matter if you like Apple or not, if that isn't innovating I really don't know what is. And, "just to stay relevant"? Really? Do you read any news or blogs besides this one? Apple's got 43% of smartphone market share last quarter and android's got 48%. The iPad is the most popular tablet, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone, the iPod is the most popular mobile music player, and the iMac is the most popular all-in-one computer out there. Apple is the most valuable company in the world.
    You like android, good for you, so do I (I'm CRAZY TO BUY A GNEX!!!!!!), but things are working quite well for Apple. So at least say rational things.
  • I actually like the iPhone. For many years I yearned for one but couldn't bring myself to switch to the onerous AT&T for the privilege. By the time that choosing the iPhone was an option for me, it had lost a lot of its luster. By then, I understood the flaws in Apple's implementation. I also had grown to hate iTunes even more than I did previously through my frustrating interactions with it and my iPod Touches. When I first got to use an Android phone, it was even more apparent how stifling iOS is. It was like being let out of jail. I've never looked back. I've been called an Android fanboy before but I shirk the label. I'm a realist, I completely understand the appeal of the iPhone and it's strengths and weaknesses. I also recognize and admit the limitations in the Google approach. However, for me, Android is the only way to go. I don't think Android is the right choice for everyone, just most people. The problem is the Apple fanboy/trolls can't stand that there's a legitimate alternative to their toy of choice. They also support Apple litigating instead of innovating. That's why we fight them.
  • Well Before Android I had a Win Mo I dont get that where you say if not for Apple most ppl wouldnt have a smartphone. MS woulda still been a close #2 to Apple and probably would be in the limelight now if not for Android. What hurt MS IMO was shoddy hardware and trying to put a desktop OS on a phone instead of design a mobile OS.
  • what are apple fanboys doing on an android dedicated website? you know you have a desire for android. i hope apple fails and google succeeds
  • Please keep hoping. As there is no chance it will come true. Where is the fun if we Applelites let you all hallucinate together. : iOS will eat away Android. Siri will eat away Google's ad $. Facebook taking the diplay ad $ from Google. Google is on the path to destroy their search by integrating Google+ into it. (By the way...the only thng i like about Google is its search. I am not sure how long people will use it as their first preference if the quality of the results are not any better than Bing after integrating junk into heir search algorithm.
  • How about Google maps. Nothing can compare for the price.
  • Apple signed a one year contract in October 2011 with google for their mapping services. It is working on its own Mapping software as they bought many mapping companies including the 3D mapping companies ....poly9! C3 technologies etc. They have been working on it for the last 2-3 years. IMO their map app should be available by Oct 2012 and should be mind boggling. See for ur self.
  • This proves the point that Apple does not innovate. They buy companies that do and market them as "original" and "magical". Meh
  • Don't smoke all of it yourself. Pass it on to others here at AC. LOL.
  • Apple buys small companies like these for thier talent and they build the products for Apple. Google steals others products. Thats the basic difference. Apple bought 2 companies (very small ones for a total less than 500 million i think) in 2011. Google bought nearly 15 companies including Moto for a total of about 15billion. Thats another difference. Apple bought Siri for a tiny amount 2 years ago. Used their talent and integrated with Nuance to build Siri for iPhone4S which is a blockbuster. Google stole the guy from paypal to create Google Wallet which is a big flop. Thats the ifference.
  • Siri is a gimmick th