Open-sourced Android code for the Sony Xperia Z has recently been released on GitHub to enable developers and partners to get knee-deep into the device. Though the promise of vanilla Android is tantalizing, Sony is quick to remind folks that the Android build they're posting isn't meant for everyday use. As you can see from the video, all of the important stuff is working, but there are a few apps and services missing - after all, they don't have the rights to open source everything. 

This project follows very closely in the footsteps of the Sony Xperia S Android Open Source Project, which kicked off last summer, but was eventually moved to its own little corner of GitHub

Developers can get dug into the Sony Xperia Z AOSP over here on GitHub, or hit up Developer World for a few more specific binaries for drivers and the like. So, anyone planning on contributing to the project, or making use of what's there? 

Source: Sony