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Another beta version of Tweetdeck for Android released

Tweetdeck released its open beta last week and has been very well received. They released a new version Thursday with increased functionality and blogged about how well the client has done since its release. 

According to the blog, the Tweetdeck team was swarmed with 20,000 requests for its first release. These are not idle users who download an app just to say they have it, it's being used -- a lot, saying:

"Even though we haven't officially released the app yet, TweetDeck Android is generating more tweets and status updates than our 3 month old iPad app."

Now that's impressive. This release brings changes to the app that includes:

  • A new column setting page (users may now set individual columns with notifications, sound and vibrate, and LED flashing)
  • A "share" intent now has been added, so whenever you click share in Android, Tweetdeck will be one of the options
  • Support for

They also said that they are working to integrate even deeper with the Android OS. Expect many more functions as Tweetdeck matures.

A teaser for future functions:

  • A widget
  • 1.6 support (Donut)
  • Video uploads
  • Better support for multiple Twitter accounts
  • Native service columns (for Facebook, Buzz and Foursquare)

You can download the new version here. Enjoy! [Tweetdeck Blog]

  • Sweet. The first version was pretty good. Can't wait to test out the new features.
  • too bad my facebook account will not sync. all that pops up in the feed are my twitter and foursquare accounts. LAME.
  • I was having the same issue with my FB feed now showing up. Try going back to the accounts page, hit the + button next to your FB, and re-login. It's worked for me, and has been refreshing with no issues.
  • so i hit the plus button, the facebook window pops up, then all of a sudden it disappears. im guessing its my incredible thats giving me the trouble, since friendstream has been an ass for the past 2 months for me, too.
    im just going to wait til the full version of this app hits the market. the beta was cool when it actually worked.
  • This is a great program. Love the interface. Got my FB, Twitter and Four Square all in one app.
  • Its good that they are updating the features so frequently. I am still using my Facebook app because there are still issues with it syncing but it still is a good app.
  • I think the thing i love most about this app is the fact that I can get all my facebook notifications now. Something thats apparently too hard for facebook to implement into there own app. Ive used tweetdeck on the comp for a long time & I really like the way they set up this version. Keep up the great work guys!
  • Don't forget they also adding Text re-sizing! I think a lot of people, including me, felt the initial text was a tad too big, I mean great for being to be far away from your phone and see it but not great because I'm used to the text size of everything else. I added my Facebook onto the account and now I can't figure out how to get rid of it... there doesn't seem to be an option for it, anyone know? I think I want to remove it until they made the separate columns for the services, as there are a lot of facebook updates that I don't really want with my twitter feed. Though I am really impressed at how much better the facebook notifications are than the official facebook app (opening the browser and making me log in again, then making tap some more.. ugh) But this has quickly surplanted Seesmic for me, even though it's still missing a few things (reply-all, choice of photo uploader) But what it does do really nice is the yellow bar at the top showing how much of the timeline you still have to view and that it keep my spot perfectly in the timeline.
  • Forgot to add this last update has the update interval set to every 3 minutes, so I'm not sure how this is going to affect people's battery life, but it's definitely something to look at if it's killing it. Also it was pretty awesome if you follow them, they tweeted a link to the new update and when I clicked on it in the app it started downloading it on my phone and then I just had to launch it with that tAttach whatever program and the update was smooth (except for remember my spot in my timeline, but not a biggy)
  • oops, double post. ignore.
  • It doesn't seem to be draining my battery at all, and I have all the columns set to 3 minutes. I have the D-Inc.
  • Thanks for this upgrade, this is great! I just recently side loaded this app to my D-Incredible and have not looked back to any other Twitter clients since. The interface is by far the best!
  • go to menu>settings>applications>check the unknown sources box =)
  • I downloaded it but my phone (Incredible) wouldn't let me install since it didn't come from the market. Does anyone have a quick solution for me before I go digging through the forums? Thanks.
  • Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources (make sure it's checked)
  • I love this place! Thank you.
  • I hope they fix the battery drain issue. I had to uninstall because it was killing my battery.
  • Not as good as I had hoped.. I'm sticking w/ Friendstream on my Evo for now, lol.. It's not bad, and gets the job done.. Will probably be waiting for Socialscope to get off their ass before getting anything else.. Of course, I'll be waiting till 2015 before it shows up.. :-(
  • When this goes final it will be my twitter app. I really like the layout and the way most of the actions work. Being able to set specific notifications on select "lists" is great, and I love the default font size (I'm old, like Jerry). All my services are working fine (Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare) however I still can't get a second twitter account to work, but that's minor during the beta as far as I'm concerned. I haven't been seeing any sort of battery drain issues.
  • I love the layout so far and it keeps getting better. I have had a jump in battery depletion since installing though. I'll probably go back to Facebook and Touiteur until it's (hopefully) corrected in the final release.
  • Can I start throwing a hissy fit for still having 1.6? I WANNA TRY IT!!!