Another beta version of Tweetdeck for Android released

Tweetdeck released its open beta last week and has been very well received. They released a new version Thursday with increased functionality and blogged about how well the client has done since its release. 

According to the blog, the Tweetdeck team was swarmed with 20,000 requests for its first release. These are not idle users who download an app just to say they have it, it's being used -- a lot, saying:

"Even though we haven't officially released the app yet, TweetDeck Android is generating more tweets and status updates than our 3 month old iPad app."

Now that's impressive. This release brings changes to the app that includes:

  • A new column setting page (users may now set individual columns with notifications, sound and vibrate, and LED flashing)
  • A "share" intent now has been added, so whenever you click share in Android, Tweetdeck will be one of the options
  • Support for

They also said that they are working to integrate even deeper with the Android OS. Expect many more functions as Tweetdeck matures.

A teaser for future functions:

  • A widget
  • 1.6 support (Donut)
  • Video uploads
  • Better support for multiple Twitter accounts
  • Native service columns (for Facebook, Buzz and Foursquare)

You can download the new version here. Enjoy! [Tweetdeck Blog]

Sean Brunett