Is this another Nexus S sighting?

Update: The picture in question has been removed from public view on Picasa, and we've removed it here at the owner's request.

Maybe we're all just getting so tired of waiting for the Samsung Nexus S (if indeed that is its name) to be announced that we're starting to see it everywhere. The latest case: A photo posted to Picasa by Google senior software engineer Erik Beans, pointed out to us by a hungry tipster. It's tough to tell exactly what it is, but it certainly shares some of the basic lines of the phone that's making the semi-official and unofficial rounds, much as the original Nexus One did before its release. We've been kicking this one around the forums all day, and now we turn it over to you. Nexus S? Or just wishful thinking? [Picasa] Thanks, Bruno.

Phil Nickinson
  • yeah it looks like it for sure... google sure is taking a long time to release gingerbread... i hope it includes some exciting new features
  • It's a rather random photo otherwise. What else would be the point of this picture other than the phone?
  • Well based on the full photo and the other photos in his gallery, the lady holding the phone may be a relative or his significant other that he seemingly likes taking photos of.
  • could be a vibrant.
  • Its not a Vibrant, the Vibrant has a very distinctive shinier top strip.
  • Seriously, someone explain to me how this matters. It will come out when it comes out. Get a life folks!
  • Your nerd status has hereby been revoked.
  • Comment = Epic win
  • Yeah it is a Nexus S for sure!!!
  • I wonder did this lady know some strange tech nerd took a random pic of her....please android central, you can do better than this. It's not that serious
  • lol. Lighten up. We stop being serious after 9 p.m.
  • @rayforsawdust This picture is of the guy that works at google's girlfriend i believe. Not a stranger
  • Holy English as a second language batman!
    The guy works at Google's girlfriend? He's a nerd pimp? Who is Big G's girlfriend? Adobe? Microsoft seems more of a secret mistress...
  • Let me break it down for the English as a first language guy over here. This picture is of (the guy that works at google)'s girlfriend, i believe. Not a stranger
  • I hope to God that Gingerbread brings better text editing to android. I hate having to try to poke between letters while I'm texting. This is one area where philblur got it right.
  • cant wait for you guys to do a review of the phone
  • Who took the freakin pic? Are you that afraid of talking to women that you can't walk up to her and ask her what kind of phone it is!!! Losers!!!
  • agreed
  • All this talk about gingerbread what about Froyo Samsung? Still waiting!
  • Sorry, but with Samsung's track record you probably won't get it. Had you not heard about their lack of supporting their phones before you bought yours? If not, just Google the Samsung Behold 2 and the Samsung Moment. A whole lot of people decided they were going to steer clear of all the Galaxy S phones for this reason & it looks like they were right. Others think that Samsung is just going to jump straight to Gingerbread & hopefully they do...but my money is that you are going to be stuck on Eclair.
  • She would get it!..... so would the phone....
  • Shut up about froyo. If you didnt get froyo, then your phone is out of date. buy a new one...period
  • At this point I don't even understand why we even care, the more we do this the more we become impatient, making it seem longer than the wait really has to be .
  • Oh good grief, now it's a random picture of a girl holding probably a Mesmerize (the curvy side seems to match). These Nexus S rumors are getting ridiculous.
  • It's actually a Pre 2 or a Pixie. Hold a straight edge to the phone, the curve is an optical illusion.
  • all these leaks are starting to kill the high anticipation of this device for me. U see it too much that u just grow tired of it. we all know how it look like already. of course we still have the OS and the specs of the device to look forward to. =)
  • Really, a blurry picture of what may be a phone that hasn't even been released or even announced? So many sites that want to report "news" are far too concerned with getting a story first, rather than getting it right. Or in many cases, even reporting a story worthy of being shared. Seems like everyone, right down to mainstream media, seem to feel that all consumers want is a fast, "exclusive" story regardless of it's content. Personally, not that anyone is concerned with what I think, Id rather wait an extra day and get a full, put together story witb content actually fit to read. The "stories" about some lady who may have a new phone, and misinterpreted, rushed translations of Steve Woz saying that Steve Jobs is the devil and Android cures cancer are getting old. Just sayin. Bro.
  • It really just looks like the Samsung Omnia 2.