Is this another Nexus S sighting?

Update: The picture in question has been removed from public view on Picasa, and we've removed it here at the owner's request.

Maybe we're all just getting so tired of waiting for the Samsung Nexus S (if indeed that is its name) to be announced that we're starting to see it everywhere. The latest case: A photo posted to Picasa by Google senior software engineer Erik Beans, pointed out to us by a hungry tipster. It's tough to tell exactly what it is, but it certainly shares some of the basic lines of the phone that's making the semi-official and unofficial rounds, much as the original Nexus One did before its release. We've been kicking this one around the forums all day, and now we turn it over to you. Nexus S? Or just wishful thinking? [Picasa] Thanks, Bruno.

Phil Nickinson