Another Froyo OTA for the Nexus One -- FRF91 this time around [Updated]

Froyo madness never ends.  It seems that a new Android 2.2 OTA update is being pushed out for both AT&T and T-Mobile Nexus Ones today.  We don't have a lot of detail yet (we haven't even taken time to load it -- wanted to get the word out ASAP), but supposedly this addresses some security concerns.  It's another very small update (900k) and if you can't wait for it to come OTA you can grab the update direct from Google HERE.  Install it just like the others, and remember you have to be using a stock recovery.

As soon as we know more, or have a link to a version for non-stock users, we'll sing out. [ (in German), XDA Developers]

Update: Thanks to LoxDev rooted users can get in on the FRF91 fun too.  Hit HTCpedia to find links and instructions to download and flash FRF91, root for FRF91, and CyanogenMod 6 kernel and developer tools for FRF91.  Remember, standard warnings apply -- do this at your own risk.

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  • so i guess once the build reaches 100 that it'll be complete? O_o
  • Unofficial word ( as in not sure enough about it to put in the story lol) says this is a Gmail security fix.
  • I've got it installed and ... OH, MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS! lol
  • But does it have the 3G? And the wifis? :P
  • lol @the wifis.
  • It upgrades you to the one with the bigger GB's.
  • Again, this is one thing I'm not liking about Android. There are still a lot of people who don't have 85B, "The Official" if you will, and now we are talking about 91. I got tired of waiting and manually installed 85B, but I'm left wondering if OTA even works. If I don't see an OTA 91, I guess I'll install that one manually too. What does google expect us to do and how is this going to look for the likes of the EVO, Incredible, and X owners?
  • Try running a checkin. The update showed up immediately for me.
  • Still haven't received notification and I've done the check under settings. I have an unlocked Nexus One on Telus but not sure if that makes a difference. It's an unlocked model I ordered a couple of months ago from Google.
  • You mean the *#*#Checkin#*#*, yup did it. Didn't work. I have no issue with manually updating, I just don't understand why Google is opting for a "slow rollout". First they claim 85B is official then 91 is floating around without everyone getting the official update. If you are coming from any other phone to the Nexus this process is going to be hard to understand, especially after waiting two or three days. I think Google can be a little too techy in its planning which only lends credence to the perception that Android is only for Geeks which I don't think is true but the perception hurts.
  • Doing the checkin didn't get me 85B, I still updated that manually. But the checkin did get me 91 and instantly.
  • I'm happy it worked for you.
  • I couldn't agree more. Google's lack of explanation and clear communication regarding the Froyo updates is a major flaw. Yes, I could do a manual install of files that I downloaded from a web address I obtained from a blog using instructions that I got from yet another blog with no assurances regarding the security or authenticity of the files. This hardly inspires confidence. How hard would it be to release Foyo updates with proper, clear notice from Google? Why not link directly to the files? If the update is to be installed OTA, is it really that difficult to enable the updates for a Google sold and branded device on a predictable and consistent schedule? I don't know how many N1's have been sold, but it isn't anywhere near the number of the subsequent devices that are presumably going to also be eligible for Froyo. How is Google going to manage things on this scale if they do so poorly with the N1 Froyo rollout? What a choice -- either the walled garden or this flaky mess.
  • Web loads faster.... nice... quick question after manually installing both froyo and this patch. The startup screen withe the colorful lines making the nexus "x" took 10 times as long to load. Is that normal
    This update seems to fix most bugs I had with 85browser and data connections. Stock at&t nexus. Placebo perhaps?
  • first boot is very long. Should be normal next time you reboot :)
  • Thanks! Another question. Wasn't froyo supposed to get better data connections or wifi connections? I might have dreamed that one up, but I thought I read about it somewhere. My signal on edge has definitely improved, but can't test 3g and wifi until 3am central. Working nights at new steel mill north of mobile al.
  • Froyo enables 802.11n wireless, and comes with a new radio. Hearing lots of different opinions about the radio, but for ME on T-Mo it's a lot better. I actually have a data connection in places I never had one before, and where it was once spotty it's now stable.
  • The first boot after a system update usually takes longer. Same with most operating systems.
  • N1s get all the updates. Still waiting to experience the first version 2.2 for the EVO but I can wait. I guess. ;)
  • I never received the OTA for 85B, so I installed it manually. Now, I saw this news and ran a checkin and the new update showed up immediatly :)
  • Another update yet I'm still waiting for my FRF85B OTA on T-Mobile in Washington D.C. Also shouldn't this have made it 2.2-update1 if FRF85B was the official?
  • Still no FRF85B or FRF91 OTA here either, also in greater DC. Retail N1 (not a developer/press phone) with stock ROM/bootloader, unrooted, running self-installed FRF50. The CHECKIN code also hasn't yielded any results.
  • I am pretty sure FRF50 won't get any OTA updates, as it was a pre-release build. You'd need to go to FRF72 to get any OTA updates, I think.
  • Found a second-hand report of an OTA update directly from FRF50 to FRF91 here: But still nothing for mine, so I may break down and manually update to FRF72. Just looking for the peace of mind of an official OTA update to reassure me that my N1 is still in Google's good graces. :)
  • What are you waiting for get in on the froyo fun. I just got my Droid today and I'm rocking froyo.
  • I tell ya if the N1 would've come to Sprint I may have gotten it over the Evo just to have the 'pure' android experience. I'm f'n sick of seeing this thing get froyo froyo froyo!!! ;0
  • Ev1 knew n1 would get 2.2 first.
  • Is anyone still having wifi disconnection issues upon sleep on pre-frf91 builds?
  • No issues here. Running 91.
  • Manually upgraded from FRF85B, which I manually upgraded from 2.1 stock on an AT&T N1, no problems so far.
  • Just received another OTA update FRF91, I love my N1,Philippines… ahihihihi
  • @lolobabes: am also from PH but i'm not getting any updates OTA since 2.1 update1. flashed back to stock, and nothing so I manually updated
  • It's awesome.. faster and faster and faster.
  • I am personally glad I left my Cliq for the Nexus. Sheesh they have been waiting on an update 6 months now? Nexus one gets 2 a week =D. When will the next straight Google phone come out? I am ready for another upgrade..
  • I received an update on my phone but when it tried installing its just stayed on that all black screen with the lil android and the recovery sign...My Nexus is stock and the build # ere27...The only update ive ever received on my phone was to that build aside from that Ive never got anything
  • I have yet to see my OTA get pushed to my Nexus One. I manually updated to the first "unofficial" FroYo leak, and was told that we were going to get the official push by the end of this week. Well for most of us that's tomorrow and still no sign of it. Considering I did the manual update the first time, this won't affect me getting the push will it? help please.
  • Even I got my First OTA on my Nexus One in India; I had FRF83 running for last few days. But I'd to dial *#*#2432546#*#* to get the update. Otherwise it was showing "Your system is currently up to date".
  • I just did the the *#*#checkin#*#* and it said checkin succes then I immediately went to my settings and status update and it was downloading android 2.2 and it is installing on my nexus as we speak
  • Did the manual 85b install and got this OTA notice (never got the OTA for 85b, did the install on Wed). Thought it might finally be my 85b notice. But, I ran it anyway and it turned out to be FRF91. Installed lickity split (though I did not watch it). At least I got to see how the OTA works.
  • N1 AT&T user in NYC. Still no OTA update as of Friday morning 9am. I ran the checkin as well. Still build EPE54B.
  • I dont really see what people are moaning about.
    Us N1 users are essentially a group of guinea pigs for Google.
    I wouldn't mind getting lots of minor updates on my phone. But whatever. I got the OTA update from FRF50 last night & it's updated me straight to frf91.
    UK on o2.
  • Finally got it OTA this morn...!
    AT&T moved from E* to FRF91.
  • received new nexus 1 for TMO this am. As soon as phone booted up it went and got the FRF91 update.
  • Woke up this morning and had an OTA notice that the update was ready to be installed. Waited for it to reboot, then just left as it was taking awhile to get back to the load screen. (went from AT&T Nexus, to manual install of 85, in Canada on Rogers). Seems to be snappy snappy, but would like some release notes from Google as to what the heck this update did.
  • I have a stock AT&T Nexus One on the Rogers network and this phone rocks with Rogers. I have not received the update yet and have performed the "checkin" process but still no Froyo. I have 2.1-update 1 running now with build number EPE54B. Anyone have any idea when it might arrive? Is EPE54B the lastest update for the AT&T N1's before Froyo? Thanks in advance
  • Has anyone tried using a N router with the update?
  • I've just received FRF91 OTA update this morning.
    I live in Brazil and the mostly expected new feature was the multilingual dictionary.
    The bad news is that Portuguese dictionary isn't included (only system idiom).
    It's so hard to add a simple dictionary? Why I can't install it myself?
    I'm not asking for a voice recognition, just for a predict dictionary.
  • I posted yesterday that I have not received FRF91 OTA well that changed this morning after completing the *#*#checkin#*#* and now I have all the Froyo goodness!!Nexus One on Rogers 3G and it's awesome. From EPE54B to FRF91 AT&T/Rogers version.
  • Well finally got Froyo! The things I notice without delving too deeply are fast, fast, fast, and I can actually type on the N1 now! :)
  • Just got my OTA update this morning. This is the first OTA update I've ever gotten on my Nexus. I've done all others manually.
  • Finally just got my update on my N1 from frf72 to frf91 great way to wake up on the 4th of july :), so fat had to uninstall and reinstall swype.