Weekly Photo Contest: Station

Another photo contest, another set of great pictures. This week had a good number of useful "station" pictures, and we had a great time checking out each one. We had to pick three to win this week, and these shots are deserving of their prizes.

Winner of a Chromecast, schizrade!

Weekly Photo Contest: Station winner

We love the grand look of this shot, and the portrait orientation definitely helps bring out the high ceilings. With the light cascading in it makes everything feel a bit more lively as well. Taken with a Nexus 5

Winner of a Chromecast, rice8007!

Weekly Photo Contest: Station

We have to admit that's a pretty photogenic train station, but the angle of the shot definitely helps. With the strong HDR effect it really brings out the clouds, keeping everything in a blue and white motif with pops of yellow. Another great Nexus 5 shot

Winner of a Chromecast, decko5!

Weekly Photo Contest: Station

An awesome shot of a subway car. With the light billowing in from the end of the tunnel and the reflections off of the metal cars, there's something cool about the way it draws your eye along the line. Awesome photo with an HTC One M8

If you've won this contest, keep an eye on your email inbox for information on how we'll get the prize out to you. It may take some time to get to everyone, so please be patient while you wait to be contacted.

Thanks again to everyone else who entered, and keep your eyes peeled for the next photo contest. We want the chance to give away more great prizes to everyone, so keep taking pictures and entering them!