Weekly Photo Contest: Construction

This week's photo contest was following the prompt "construction," and more than a few of you were able to build a great photo to submit for a chance to win. You filled up a forum thread with wonderful and interesting pictures, but in the end we had to narrow it down to just three that were worthy of taking home a prize.

Winner of an Android Mini Figurine, rangergm!

Weekly Photo Contest: Construction winner

The cold look of this in-progress construction site is really accentuated by the black and white styling. The shadows from the unfinished roof give it a really neat look. Taken with a Note 3 and edited with Google+ — great one.

Winner of an Android Mini Figurine, _downbeat4!

Weekly Photo Contest: Construction winner

This shot doesn't instantly say "construction" at first glance, but when you realize we're looking at a construction light in a walkway over a whole bunch of dirt and rubble it all comes together. The distinctly blurred background lets you focus on the industrial light itself, and we love the perspective. Taken with a Note 4 and edited with Google+ as well. Awesome picture.

Winner of an Android Mini Figurine, TonyPopinara!

Weekly Photo Contest: Construction winner

There's just so much going on here, it perfectly epitomizes the idea of "construction." The colors, the dirt, wood and metal strewn about around the equipment — it's quite the scene to take in. This one was taken with a Galaxy S5. Well done.

If you've won this contest, keep an eye on your email inbox for information on how we'll get the prize out to you. It may take some time to get to everyone, so please be patient while you wait to be contacted.

Thanks again to everyone else who entered, and keep your eyes peeled for the next photo contest. We want the chance to give away more great prizes to everyone, so keep taking pictures and entering them!