Angry Birds is coming to Android this summer

How’s your aim? Everybody’s favorite chicken-slinging game is on its way to the Android market sometime this summer. Basically, it’s a test of physics, as the point of the game is to determine the correct angle which to catapult chickens into the air and free the incarcerated pigs to earn points. The cool thing is that there are five different kinds of chickens you can slingshot, and each have their own different strengths and weaknesses – so it’s more than just hurling a projectile in the right direction. It comes with 105 levels which should keep you busy for hours. Oh, and the fact that it’s only going to cost 99 cents is pretty nice too, so don't forget to check out the video after the break.  [Rovia via Mobility Digest]

Adam Sawyer
  • This just made my day. I loooooove this game.
  • I bought this game for my iPhone (which I now use as an iPod Touch) and could not put it down. Addictive.
  • I'll be buying
  • This is the only thing I really miss from my iPhone so this just made my day I can't wait to get this game for my EVO :)
  • SWEET!!!
  • Yes I found this a few hours ago. The only game I need! One of the best games ever on the iPhone.. god bless \0/ Angry Birds, Froyo. Then my Desire is perfect.
  • Finally, some good shiznit is coming to Android.
  • Can't wait for this. i emailed the dev a while back but he either wasn't sure if he was going to port it to android or he was just hiding it from me lol
  • Agreed.
  • Now tell us we are getting WordsWithFriends and I will be happy.
  • The first Angry Birds coming to Android, Will be the IPhone 4 Users!!
  • I need this so badly. It looks amazing.
  • Honestly, Angry Birds is one of the few apps that made me consider an iPhone 4 vs. Android. iMovie is the other one... how about some in-device video editing now? (And no, Qik's trim functionality doesn't count.)
  • What a sweet week this has been, Froyo finally released and made my Nexus One amazingly bloody fast, word of Gingerbread in October, and now Angry Birds on Android. Ahhh, set back and enjoy.
  • Gingerbread needs to be a Christmas Eve present. Itneeds to be polished. Froyo was rushed. And its aggrivating
  • Yeah, sadly I'm going to have to agree with you. As happy as I am about the HUGE speed improvement of my N1 and full Exchange support, I'm finding little bugs here and there which are slowly annoying me.
  • great! Now all we need is some GeoDefense to wake up and smell the green robot!
  • Fieldrunners -
    Pocket god -
    Angry Birds - check only two other games left and I'll have no reason to even look back at iPhone!
  • We need Godfinger too...
  • Plant vs. Zombies imo. Somewhat older and a lot of people, myself included, have already beaten it and gotten all of the achievements but it's still fun and pretty high profile. We just need Popcap to start porting some of their titles, they've got a really good library of casual games that really catch people's imagination. Never tried Angry Birds on my iPod but friends with iPhones have raved about it so I guess now's the time.
  • Oh my goodness! I LOVE this game. Since getting my Evo, this game is the ONLY reason I still use my iPod Touch.
  • I just hope it works as good as it does on the iphone. Some apps that are on iphone OS end up being crap on Android, of course some make the transition flawlessly...I hope this is one of them =)
  • awesome.. good news..
  • I can't wait for this!